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    License to alter ownership query

    Do you have to own a leasehold to a demised property to be granted a license to alter by the freeholder for alterations to that demised property?

    I see no reason why not, though as freeholder I wouldn't give a personal licence to alter to a third party, I would happily consent to changes for a potential purchasor for example.


      I would say the licence can only be granted to whomsoever the lease is vested in; as the lessor cannot grant licence to someone who does not have a propretorial interest. The reason is that only someone who is seized of the leasehold interest as proprietor or interested as Executor, Trustee, Administrator can exercise the rights the freeholder purports to grant by way of licence.


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      • AGM cancelled.
        by Grumio
        Is this legal?

        A bit of background, we currently have three directors, we are allowed to have up to a maximum of eight directors according to the articles of association. We are all leaseholders. Last summer the three directors decided to hire a managing agent who is now in charge of the...
        26-01-2022, 00:46 AM
      • Reply to AGM cancelled.
        by Grumio
        One of the directors is cooperating, but we’re not sure if that’s enough. He’s going to register us at companies house regardless of what the other 2 say. His view on the situation is, leaseholders are entitled to be directors, there is nothing in the articles that state directors must be approved...
        26-01-2022, 20:26 PM
      • Reply to AGM cancelled.
        by Grumio
        Thanks for the reply,

        The directors issued the invitations. The AGM wasn’t adjourned or postponed, it was cancelled. Fortunately one of the directors is more than happy to go ahead with the process even if the other two don’t want to get involved....
        26-01-2022, 20:16 PM
      • Reply to Service charges according to floorspace vs lease stipulation
        by Section20z
        Any examples please of tribunal increasing a percentage specified in a lease ? Thank you....
        26-01-2022, 19:22 PM
      • Service charges according to floorspace vs lease stipulation
        by Santa Fe
        Hello. I own a flat in a block of four. The new owner of the smallest flat is disputing their contribution to service charges based on floor size. All four flats have historically paid 25% each, but of the four leases only mine states that I pay 25%. I have spoken with a solicitor about this and he...
        24-01-2022, 22:55 PM
      • Reply to Service charges according to floorspace vs lease stipulation
        by Macromia
        Agreed, but the issue here is that the lease that the person complaining has doesn't say that they are required to pay 25%, it apparently says that they have to pay "a fair and reasonable proportion".

        With this being the case, they are fully entitled to challenge an equal split...
        26-01-2022, 19:07 PM
      • Reply to Who owns the windows in a flat above a commercial premises
        by Macromia
        Very true.
        This doesn't answer the question of who is responsible, but it could potentially be cheaper (and less hassle) for the OP if they can find a company willing to replace the windows without scaffolding.
        There is, of course, the possibility that the freeholder would refuse to allow...
        26-01-2022, 18:41 PM
      • Reply to Enfranchising from a company I'm already a member of.
        by Macromia
        For something like this, the reasons are of vital importance.
        Anyone can, of course, choose not to reveal details, but anyone making that choice should not complain at all if other forum users respond with answers that the person who isn't being completely open considers not to be relevant....
        26-01-2022, 18:37 PM
      • Reply to AGM cancelled.
        by fos333
        If invitations were sent out then it can't be cancelled, it can be adjourned, postponed, however, if the other director is willing to go ahead with the meeting it will be a valid meeting as long as it's quorate. I don't agree with eagle2 that it will only be seen as an informal meeting, all directors...
        26-01-2022, 18:19 PM
      • Who owns the windows in a flat above a commercial premises
        by andyg1
        I am the landlord of a 2 bedroom 2nd floor flat above a commercial premises ( car showroom ) . The showroom is run by the Freeholder and they own 8 flats of the 12 in the building . A few years ago without my knowledge they erected scaffolding and replaced the old single glazed metal windows in their...
        25-01-2022, 14:52 PM