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    Here we are, now 2 years since the FRA was done indicating that a lot of work was needed in order to comply. Original quotes fro the work received 18 months ago, flat door inspections done 18 months ago, no report ever given to leaseholders. Amended Section 20 issued in Oct 2020, with more work apparently needed (cross corridor doors that were made to comply 3 years ago following previous FRA, but now apparently no good at all and complete replacements needed at huge costs. Final section 20 invoices issued in Nov 2021. Then more delays due to ` discrepancies in the second door inspection`, no explanation other than that given. Now yet a further 6 months has passed, with no work having been started, or even suggested. All monies paid to MA back in Jan this year........
    I have contacted the FH to inform them that their building failed an FRA back in 2020, and as yest, other than collect money, nothing has happened, and now, by Law, a further FRA should be done in June of this year..... what is the point of an FRA if nothing is done??


      There is no requirement for a Fire Risk Assessment (FRAs) to be carried out every two years. This will be a decision for the responsible person that would likely act upon the recommendation of the assessor. A new assessment will be required when changes are implemented irrespective of the time lapse since FRA's are risk based not linked to a specific time period.

      I suspect there are issues with the process used for the s.20 based on your description.


        Well thats interesting. Considering an FRA was done in 2018 and all works recommended in that report was done, why would another FRA have been carried out in 2020?? Nothing changed at all.
        The only thing that did change in between 2018 and 2020 was a new MA was appointed by the FH (with no reason or explanation given).
        The new MA had not visited the building at that time, and the FH was the MA prior to that. There were no changes in legislation as far as I know.


          The responsible person decides when to carry out FRA so if they choose to carry them out annually they are permitted to. Legislation only requires that there is a FRA. There does not need to be any changes for a new FRA to be undertaken but if there are changes since the last FRA a new assessment should be conducted.

          From your comments the responsible person undertakes FRA every two years which is not unreasonable and may be the period recommended din the FRA report. Have you seen a copy of this? If not, you could request a copy of the report.


            It occurs to me and others that there us no responsible person. How can work so important be neglected for over 2 years and all thagt has happened is that leaseholders have been made to pay £000s each, for work that has not been carried out....

            I and other leaseholders, are pretty convinced that some of the work deemed necessary is in fact not necessary at all, maybe a small amount
            of updating, for example Fire certified door hinges and overhead closers installed, but not new flat doors (if not damaged).

            Given the time since the FRA and subsequent quotes for work, for sure there will be additional monies requested by the MA.

            Would I be in order to demand a new FRA, a scrapping of the existing section 20 on the grounds of unreasonable delay?

            Of course it should be noted that given, according to the FRA, there are considerable failings of Fire Regulations.
            So presumably if a fire was to break out and cause damage that the building insurance would be invalid.


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