Can freeholder and leaseholder share solicitor

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    Can freeholder and leaseholder share solicitor

    Hi all,

    I’m hoping this is a simple question.

    On a freehold purchase, where the price has been agreed informally, does each side need a solicitor to execute the formal transfer?

    Or can one solicitor oversee the transfer.

    I know the general purpose of separate solicitors is to removed conflicts of interest, but in the absence of any negotiations I can’t see where there would be. And if one side transfers the title, I’m not too sure what the other side does?


    It is possible but not advisable, you need a solicitor who is acting in your best interests and who will draw your attention to clauses which could be a potential problem if you agree to them. A good solicitor will advise you to appoint a different solicitor.


      Thank you!


        The Law Society says same solicitor should not be used due to conflict of interest.



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