blockage in pipe leading to soil pipe

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    blockage in pipe leading to soil pipe

    Last year there was a blockage in the soil pipe and I got a plumber out and he fixed it and it was covered by the service charge. This summer I had a blockage in the pipe which leads to the soil pipe - past the U bend under my sink. Is this something that comes under the service charge? The managing agent says it is not.

    The lease says "A proportionate share of the cost and expense of keeping in good and substantial repair and condition any sewers drains pipes cables watercourses gutters wires and aerials belonging to or serving the Flat in common with any other part of the Building."

    He says "That refers to communal pipes etc, not ones serving your flat which are demised to you."

    I don't want to push it if he is right.

    In almost all leases, you would be responsible for pipes solely serving your demised premises. From your description it would appear to be such a pipe and accordingly would be your responsibility . The keywords being "in common with any other part of the Building"


      Thank you.


        Ask the plumber what has blocked the pipe and then stop putting that down your sink.

        Usually it's small amonunts of fat/grease or even oil that builds up over weeks and then traps other small particles.

        Don't put grease/oil down the sink.
        Some will still get there when you wash plates and pans. Run hot water through afterwards.

        Use common bleach or named drain cleaner once a month or so to keep the pipes clear.


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