Recommendations for fixed fee solicitor for informal lease extension

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    Recommendations for fixed fee solicitor for informal lease extension

    Hi all,

    Ive got a fairly reasonable offer for leasehold extension via informal route and I need a solictor to help with paperwork preferably a fixed fee solictor. I posted details here -

    I have called a couple and so far they want a fair chunk of change for whtat is fairly straightforward.

    Any recommendations please?



    Don't bother with a cheap one and watch out they don't try and sneak new clauses in. My solicitor would charge about £1200 I reckon but worth it. Will pm her details in accordance with forum rules.


      Rather oddly I receive a number of lease extension requests where the lessees use a firm Hetts 11 Wells Street, Scunthorpe, DN15 6HW - the solicitor is Ashley Connell 01724 843 287

      He has never acted for me but for lessees - he strikes me as very busy but gets an enormous amount of work done

      There is a famous expression that if you want something done ask a busy person

      in my dealing with him it is patently clear he knows his subject - he strikes me as very approachable


        That's interesting, I have had two "section 42's" this year from same firm (who I won't name) but completely separate properties and both totally incorrect with wrong information and both rejected. No doubt they have charged the 2 lessees through the nose and will charge again to remedy their errors.


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          by vmart
          Is there a restrictive covenant in the title of the commercial-property owner (CPO) giving you and the other lessee a right of way over the land?

          Is the CPO a freeholder or leaseholder of the land?

          With regard to the point related to '20 years' you are referring to adverse...
          17-05-2022, 21:06 PM
        • Neighbour Dispute over Bins
          by Tony-Edwards

          I could do with some guidance if anyone has any knowledge on this.

          I have a 100 year old flat that was split from a larger building in 2000 and has a 999 year lease, it is next door to a commercial premises.

          The only way to get to my flat is across their...
          17-05-2022, 14:40 PM
        • Reply to RTM director service charge arrears
          by vmart
          The RTM can make a money claim online but as this enquiry concerns service charges the lessee will have the right to have the service charges determined unless already agreed. Depending upon the lessee's response to the claim, the County Court may refer the claim to the FTT.

          What are the...
          17-05-2022, 20:54 PM
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          by ARG
          Hello, I am new here so please excuse me if this question has already been asked, but a search has drawn a blank.

          I am a director of an RTM of a property with 25 flats. I would be very grateful if anyone here can advise whether a resident who is more than six months in arrears with his...
          17-05-2022, 15:38 PM
        • Reply to Lease Extension - Relativity
          by comm1985
          I for one would appreciate a more stable approach in deriving the premium...

          In this instance what would

          1. The sensible premium be?

          A)£32000 (based on the value the actual short lease was just sold for i.e Relativity 65%)
          B)£20,000 (based on graph...
          17-05-2022, 20:19 PM
        • Lease Extension - Relativity
          by comm1985
          Hoping to get some clarification,

          If a flat (Outside Greater London) with 60 years left is sold for £110,000 and comparable properties with longer leases attain £160,000

          What is the relativity in this case?

          Would it be £110000 less 5.5% (to estimate for no act...
          17-05-2022, 15:12 PM
        • Reply to Neighbour Dispute over Bins
          by Gordon999
          Make application to local Magistrates Court for order on commercia owner to give rear door access on bin collection day .
          17-05-2022, 19:50 PM
        • Reply to RTM director service charge arrears
          by Gordon999
          A leaseholder, whether resident at flat or not, is contracted under the lease to pay annual service charge contributions when due. If he refuses to pay when due, the RTM can make the claim for service charge arrears through the small claims court (online) .

          To become a director of...
          17-05-2022, 19:47 PM
        • Reply to RTM director service charge arrears
          by Section20z
          Unlikely that anything in your M&A would prohibit that...
          17-05-2022, 19:22 PM
        • Reply to Lease Extension - Relativity
          by sgclacy
          Because it is a highly complicated subject and only the finest brains in the land can grapple with the subject - that is what the valuers will say .

          Gerald eve graph is highly respected and is one of the many that the Tribunal will rely on

          it is interesting that if you discount...
          17-05-2022, 15:58 PM