Leasehold title, superior leasehold and freehold

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    Leasehold title, superior leasehold and freehold

    I am interested in buying a house which is for sale as a leasehold title. I have learned that not only is there a freehold but also a superior (head lease). The freehold is owned by the local council and would be relatively easy to purchase however the head lease is owned by an ltd and the current owner has been advised by their representatives not to contact them due to undertaking some works on the property a number of years ago without permission. I am keen on the house and would like to purchase but it seems to me (as a layperson) to be a mess. The property would need building works undertaking and the lease I have seen from the freeholder states permission is needed to do this. There is no ground rent payable and a 999 year lease.

    I would be grateful if anyone could advise. Should I stay well away, cut my losses before getting further involved? Is it easy to purchase a superior leasehold? Would I have any rights to this? I have been advised not to contact the superior leaseholder directly.

    Thank you.

    Are you sure the 999 year lease for house does not require payment of annual ground rent from the leaseholder to head lessee ? Does the leases state peppercorn ground rent ?


      I've only seen one lease ( between the freeholder and head leaseholder) and it states peppercorn rent. There has never been any rent collected


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        by Grumio
        Is this legal?

        A bit of background, we currently have three directors, we are allowed to have up to a maximum of eight directors according to the articles of association. We are all leaseholders. Last summer the three directors decided to hire a managing agent who is now in charge of the...
        26-01-2022, 00:46 AM
      • Reply to AGM cancelled.
        by fos333
        If invitations were sent out then it can't be cancelled, it can be adjourned, postponed, however, if the other director is willing to go ahead with the meeting it will be a valid meeting as long as it's quorate. I don't agree with eagle2 that it will only be seen as an informal meeting, all directors...
        26-01-2022, 18:19 PM
      • Reply to Who owns the windows in a flat above a commercial premises
        by royw
        Most windows can be replaced from the inside without the need for scaffolding which will make it much cheaper.
        26-01-2022, 18:04 PM
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        by andyg1
        I am the landlord of a 2 bedroom 2nd floor flat above a commercial premises ( car showroom ) . The showroom is run by the Freeholder and they own 8 flats of the 12 in the building . A few years ago without my knowledge they erected scaffolding and replaced the old single glazed metal windows in their...
        25-01-2022, 14:52 PM
      • Reply to AGM cancelled.
        by eagle2
        If you can talk to them or have an informal meeting with them and agree how to proceed that may help, but if they will not cooperate at all, your best solution is to follow the s303 route. They must then arrange a meeting otherwise you are entitled to arrange one yourselves.
        26-01-2022, 17:20 PM
      • Reply to Enfranchising from a company I'm already a member of.
        by Gordon999
        Some managing agents calculate separate maintenance charge for each building ( B1 or B2) plus common charge ( C) for the external communal areas shared by all flats. So a leaseholder would pay service charge for B1 + C or B2 + C depending on which building has the flat. Would this arrangement...
        26-01-2022, 16:15 PM
      • Enfranchising from a company I'm already a member of.
        by Andrea Cunningham
        The estate I live on has 2 blocks. All the leaseholders are members of the company which owns the freehold and manages the block ("Share of freehold").

        Suppose one of the 2 blocks decides to go it alone - so in other words gain the freehold from a company they are already a member...
        04-10-2021, 12:07 PM
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        by SouthernDave
        Has anyone had dealing with doubling ground rents?
        i have just asked for a quote for a lease extension and they are proposing new ground rent terms of a doubling ground rent every 25 years. My commercial guy has said some lenders don't like these which may reduce the value of the property of i...
        25-01-2022, 22:53 PM
      • Reply to Lease extension triggers doubling ground rent change
        by Gordon999
        How many years left on your lease ? If you are still above 81 years left on the lease, you could wait until next year to see if the government reforms help to reduce the cost of lease extension .
        26-01-2022, 15:57 PM
      • Reply to AGM cancelled.
        by Grumio
        The articles state they must declare any kind of interest directly or indirectly, problem is it’s kind of hard to deal with people who keep messing everyone around, calling an AGM and then cancelling it for eg. We have called meetings with them in the past and they don’t turn up. How can you deal...
        26-01-2022, 14:35 PM