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    It has been there for two years and I was unaware of it. I don't object to it being on all the time or motion activated as long as I know it is there. I didn't know.

    You don't know this tenant! A couple of weeks ago I was carrying some things upstairs and I dropped an ornament which smashed onto the floor into lots of small pieces. I bent down and picked up every little piece that I could see. If I had left some then it wouldn't have surprised me if she had turned up on my doorstep telling me off. She is what I might call blunt. And in the past couple of weeks she's complained of builders making a noise and sent out a WhatsApp message late in the evening about a loud TV.


      ah so you just have a neighbour dispute - why didn't you say so.

      there was CCTV that you weren't aware of - but you now are aware and don't have an issue.

      you don't get along with this neighbour - so ignore her or invite her for a cup of tea.
      My views are my own - you may not agree with them. I tend say things as I see them and I don't do "political correctness". Just because we may not agree you can still buy me a pint lol


        You are misinterpreting what the situation is. I've always got on well with her and we've been perfectly friendly. A couple of years ago someone was complaining that they always put the bins away. We talked about it and she said she would get a rota. I said what happens if they don't do it and she replied well I'll go and make them do it. This seemed over the top for something that only takes two or three minutes so I said I'd do it and I did.

        Having thought about it, if we are all informed of the cameras, I don't mind. If there is a notice up about it, I don't mind. What I didn't think was right was the residents being filmed when they didn't know the cameras were there.

        This has only arisen because of the case this week where someone was fined a huge amount for having cameras looking outside his property and harassing his neighbour. Talking to another neighbour I found out that she's got one of these Ring door bells. Her daughter put it in for security.


          Its best to post a warning sign outside the entrances to say "CCTV in operation" .


            We know about the court case as you've mentioned it several times - unless you plan to sue this tenant then it has zero relevance.

            You know the camera is there and you claim not to have an issue with it - it doesn't really matter if its been there 2 or 10 years now.

            The more you post, it comes across that its YOU who has the issue with this neighbour.

            So, either inform the other neighbours of the cctv camera and if they wish you can all address the issue together, ask the neighbour to remove it yourself OR just get on with you life.

            I really don't know what it is you want from this forum.
            My views are my own - you may not agree with them. I tend say things as I see them and I don't do "political correctness". Just because we may not agree you can still buy me a pint lol


              I have only mentioned it twice. It's relevance is that it has brought things to light that I didn't know about. I wanted to know what other people thought about it. I've told you what I have decided to do. Once it's out in the open we will all know where we are.


                It's best to assume that once outside your own front door you may be on someones security camera or doorbell/entry system.

                It's probably going to be the case.


                  I remember seeing my first CCTV camera as I was going up an escalator in Boots. It must have been in the late sixties. It looked like a space craft. I felt slightly uneasy for a few seconds. Since then I can't remember ever noticing them at all. I know that cameras can see me when I am out and, of course, anyone can see me but it seemed different to me to be observed when I thought I was alone.


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                    by vmart
                    The only insurances that are legally required in the UK are Employers' Liability; and motor insurance.

                    I suggest you write to the landlord again following up on your previous letter and notifying them of the leak. Depending upon the cause of the leak it may be covered by buildings' insurance....
                    16-01-2022, 22:03 PM
                  • Isn't there any obligation to be insured?
                    by Sarah17
                    Hi All,
                    I recently bought a flat and learned since that the flat above is a regulated tenancy. The current tenant has moved in 1972. The flat is in a very shabby state, and I am worried about it (safety concerns, fire risk...etc). I wrote to the landlord and didn't receive any answer yet. A few...
                    16-01-2022, 17:57 PM
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                    by Gordon999
                    You should consider buying the freehold and become the landlord.

                    If the sun awning is portable and free standing, you are not making any alteration or addition to the building. . .
                    16-01-2022, 21:19 PM
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                    by pmorton
                    We have a roof terrace, demised to us in the lease, on which I wish to place a freestanding rectangular sun awning. There is no structural problem, it is self supporting and weighted appropriately against wind and we have planning permission. The landlord says it is forbidden under a clause in the lease...
                    13-01-2022, 19:18 PM
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                    If a draft lease is presented to the proposed grantee and there is an initial rent of say £350 per annum then I fail to see why, notwithstanding that it is greater than 0.1% that this should be interfered with, Neither should clauses that seek to keep its purchasing power the same during the term be...
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                    I see that there are proposals to simplify the extension/enfranchisement procedures and reduce the costs for lessees, including abolishing marriage values. I appreciate that these are early days but is there any guidance from professionals acting for landlords - as distinct from lessees - on these...
                    12-01-2022, 17:53 PM
                  • Reply to Isn't there any obligation to be insured?
                    by scot22
                    We had a leak and owner not insured. Fortunately did the honourable think and paid costs.
                    Insurance for flats can be difficult. Ours excludes water damage except by storm etc.
                    If you can prove negligence I would make a claim on small claims. Obviously ask them to pay before legal route....
                    16-01-2022, 19:56 PM
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                    by Sussex818
                    The proposition is that all new lease extensions will be 990 years after reform and there will also be a standardized calculator to work out the cost of a lease extension which will make it much simpler and hopefully swerve the huge legal bills which leaseholders have to pay for a statuatory lease ...
                    16-01-2022, 19:00 PM
                  • Reply to Service charge arrears
                    by lampshade
                    I have never seen anything that would suggest anything other than a total lack of funding, due to extra willy nilly inspections and the like that this new MA keeps carrying out, but no work actually being done.
                    16-01-2022, 16:03 PM
                  • Reply to Section 20 costs
                    by lampshade
                    Thnks. One of the biggest issues in my mind is that we are not party to the management contract between the FH and this new company. The Freeholder too the Managing away from the company that had done it since the flats were new and gave it, to themselves (120 miles away) they were pretty useless, eg....works...
                    16-01-2022, 16:00 PM