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    Sublet fees

    Hi all, I am a new landlord. I recently re-mortgaged my leasehold flat to buy-to-let. On completion I have paid a notice of charge fee already to the freeholders. It is not clear in my lease if there are any more fees payable (subletting fees etc) and the freeholder won't answer my question directly. I have uploaded the relevant text from my lease - anyone had to deal with anything similar?
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    Your question should be answered by a 15 minute paid consultation with a solicitor with experience of L&T Act matters. Asking us lay persons for advice on terms in your lease is risky.

    If the freeholder does not answer your question direct within 30 days, you can assume " paying for landlord consent to letting" is not a provision in the lease.

    Are you proposing to let under AST agreement for one year ?


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