Ground rent linked to value of property

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    Also if you hear anything useful/pertinent to my situation feel free to post here.


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    • Reply to Service charge arrears
      by Gordon999
      Does the annual service charge account show any arrears in service charge contributions ?
      27-11-2021, 13:51 PM
    • Party Wall
      by scfm83
      I am looking for information about the rules around party walls being moved. I have been living in my flat for 3 years, with a garden with a fence, the fence is in desperate need of repair with a fire exit that is for my flat, which has been nailed shut be the residents in the neighbouring property....
      27-11-2021, 13:42 PM
    • Access to my garden for upstairs neighbour's loft conversion
      by sampsam
      Would appreciate any thoughts or advice from the forum on this matter.

      I own the garden flat in block of 4, share of freehold equally split. Top floor neighbour wants to do loft conversion and build an extra floor on closet wing (roof terrace belongs to freehold).

      I am not...
      19-11-2021, 01:16 AM
    • Reply to Access to my garden for upstairs neighbour's loft conversion
      by Babyspice
      A RICS surveyor will be able to tell u how many party walls are needed and with whom....
      27-11-2021, 12:08 PM
    • Reply to Bullying from a joint freeholder
      by Stew
      That seems like a great idea letting out a spare room. Make sure its someone who would not feel intimidated. Also agree with Xmas cards every bit helps. Also tell all contractors not to engage with them at all and ignore them....
      26-11-2021, 15:05 PM
    • Bullying from a joint freeholder
      by goodgirlLondon
      Hey, I would really like some advice about this as I am a female who lives alone and I am getting worried. The couple who I share the freehold with (just 2 flats in the house), dont get along and we have had problems agreeing over maintenance. I avoid them as much as possible but a neighbour told me...
      23-11-2021, 17:13 PM
    • Reply to Bullying from a joint freeholder
      by goodgirlLondon
      Hey, I have thought about renting but I love my flat and had expensive new kitchen put in. Not sure I would be happy if tenants damaged. Also, I think that my mortgage restricts letting out my flat. I love the area and was happy until the couple took over the joint freehold. I might get a tenant to...
      26-11-2021, 10:31 AM
    • Reply to Service charge arrears
      by lampshade
      Yes of course I do not need to know any details other than the current situation. So I will ask and see if I get a reply....
      26-11-2021, 10:02 AM
    • Service charge arrears
      by lampshade
      If I asked the managing agents for a situation report regarding overall arrears of service charge, are they duty bound to let me know. not by flat,of course, but as a % of total invoiced, with info regarding length of arrears?
      26-11-2021, 07:54 AM
    • Reply to Service charge arrears
      by eagle2
      There is no reason why you cannot request and no reason why the managing agent cannot supply general information regarding the level of service charge arrears. It would only become an issue if any personal information was supplied or could be identified,
      26-11-2021, 09:24 AM