Dissolve company and regain shares

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    Dissolve company and regain shares

    Good afternoon

    I am the director of a small a residents management company / limited company and We want to dissolve the limited company so each freeholder can regain their own shares. I would be extremely grateful if someone could advise on if this is possible and if so, how do we that?

    Thank you in advance

    The RMC has legal rights under the lease to administer the service charge account and demand annual service charge contribution from leaseholders. . It should not be dissolved because it holds the freehold title of the building.

    If you transfer the freehold title to the leaseholders, one difficult leaseholder can make all the flats difficult to sell


      As above post number 2

      The Limited company owns the building, and the flats. ( R.M.C )
      The leaseholdrs become members of the Ltd company and shares are issued to each flat ( one share per flat )
      They then have a share in the company that owns the freehold ( they are not freeholders, they have a share in the company that owns the freehold )

      What do your Articles of Association spell out regarding membership of the Company ?


        Will you please explain what benefits you envisage from dissolving the Company and are all members of the Company in agreement? In theory it is possible but as others have explained the cost of dealing with the complexities which it would create would not make it worthwhile. There would also be tax implications because the Company would be disposing of an asset. There would also be practical difficulties colllecting service charges and holding a bank client account which would need to be amended on each occasion when one of the apartments was sold.


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