Renewing the lease and sublet charges

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    Renewing the lease and sublet charges

    I've just about finished the tortuous process of renewing the lease at a flat we own bringing it up to 170 years and no ground rent (yay).

    It is rent out and I do keep getting sublet registration demands from an infamous mgm company on here.

    I've read back through the forums and see their name cropping up for their abnormally high charges £130 in some cases... £95 for online.

    This is a copy of my lease. Can anyone spot a loophole for this insidious and spurious money grab?

    Appreciated in advance and apologies for the poor copy.

    This clause requires registration of "assignment of underlease" with landlord's solicitor and E&M are not solicitors.

    You should report E&M to your local MP and ask the MP to report this to CMA and Minister of Levelling UP.


      Many thanks for that.

      As my new renewal lease is being completed, I sent it on to the Solicitor handling the case. He said that E&M have an in-house legal department and that is enough to satisfy the terms of the lease unfortunately.

      If anyone has any other thoughts thought I'd be grateful.


        I have some faint recollection that a complaint of " in-house legal team" was raised before a LVT or FTT Tribunal and Chairman decided "in-house team" did not qualify as "solicitor", who are required to conduct CDD ( Client Due Diligence ) before taking on client.. But I do not know how to find details of this case.


          Ooh interesting, thanks Gordon.

          I'll do some research to see if I can dig it up.
          If anyone else knows more about this though in the interim, please shout.

          Many thanks


            I don't suppose you had any more thoughts on where to find out about the in-house legal team not being a solicitor as such? Thanks.


              You can search for record of past decisions by LVT/FTT at :


                That clause refers to registration of a sale of the flat not a tenancy. Unless there is another reference then there is nothing to pay.


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