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    Membership of the RTM Company is normally open to leaseholders who apply to become members of the Company and the option should remain open after the Company has been formed. The Company is entitled to impose reasonable conditions before accepting applications and it would not be unreasonable to ask a leaseholder to pay a reasonable amount to cover the original costs plus a charge for financing.


      Originally posted by Pariah81 View Post
      30 leaseholders
      £9000 total cost for RTM
      15 leaseholders contributed £600 each
      Which means if anyone over the initial 15 wish to join the company and be a shareholder, just like the 15 that contributed £ 9000, then you would be within your right to ask for £ 600 to become a member.
      As why should someone who wants to join afterwards pay any less than each of the original 15 leaseholders. ( now shareholders )
      Any less than £ 600 would cause a possible rebelion, as any one of the 15 would say- I should have waited till you had formed the RMC then got reduced price for a share.!


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