Who pays for incoming cable?

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    Who pays for incoming cable?

    I believed that the network co had to pay for cabling up to meter but some of them want to shift costs to the freeholder in flats and just go as far as the cellar.
    that makes electric supply even more complex. From three to four different electrical teams to get supply on and all trying to pass the buck.1 dno 2 freeholder,3 billing co,4 leaseholder.

    Why is there not existing cable from meter area to the flats.

    You need to explain more -- ultimately leaseholders pay for all costs whether directly or indirectly via FH.

    How did this arise, does it involve all flats?


      Ditto to the above response

      need much more info


        The ecisting cable was overheating and the dno was trying to pass the buck.


          Still not enough detail to say anything intelligible in response. What cable? Why? All flats? Who installed it? etc....


            Which cable?

            the incoming ?
            From the head to meter?
            from the meter to the switch fuse?
            From the switch fuse to the flat?


              I am unsure of the terms but i mean the cable from the cellar to the meter in the flat.


                It is the supplier's cable. You cannot touch it. Who is responsible for paying however depends on all the other stuff that is unanswered.

                Is it a private meter?

                There are also secondary costs (for example even if actually replacing the wire might be "DNO" responsibility that does not mean they pay for conduits to be opened, accessed, redecorated, if someone damaged the cable or misused the supply....).


                  Tha nks for the reply. Each flat has its own meter with their choice of supplier. The dno has now done repairs on the flat end of the cable so I presume they are taking on the buildin g network. I just suspect they will try and get us to pay if it gets expensive like replacing a big switch on a threephase supply in the cellar of the block.


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