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    Directors roles

    I just want to double check this before I go ahead with further action as I'm beginning to doubt myself on my version of Directors roles when dealing with a management company.

    The "my address" Ltd Company is the owner and landlord of the building.

    Each flat has one share and these are the shareholders.

    The Directors are voted in by the shareholders to act on their behalf.

    The Management Company acts on the wishes of the Directors.

    This is a new management company who seem to be bypassing the directors and dealing with two residents, one being a renter. We asked at the meeting if an existing water butt could be replaced and an extra one ordered for our end of the block as we didn't have one. They have been today whilst I wasn't here and fitted both butts to the other end.

    Can the Directors of Houghton Court ask them to move one even though they say they won't? They keep pressing that things have to be discussed at an AGM but things come up like this and my impression was that they were there to act on the wishes of the elected Directors. I just want some advice on how to proceed so I don't make a fool of myself.


    The first place to look would be the management agreement between the managing agent and you (the directors).

    The managing agent shoud be acting on the instructions of the directors, who should be following the lease.

    Have a read through the following;


      As far as I am aware there isn't one. The new company took over from the old one without consulting us.


        By "management company" do you actually mean 'managing agents?

        The management company will be the company in which leaseholders own shares. The directors of this company decide what work needs to be carried out, based on the obligations detailed in the leases, but they may choose to give some of the 'normal' day to day responsibilities to a managing agent.
        Some decisions may require input from shareholders (depending on what the articles of the company say), but it would be unnecessarily restrictive if the directors had to arrange shareholder meetings for most matters.

        If either the directors or the managing agents have made a mistake, the directors need to get this corrected - and no shareholder meeting should be required to allow this.


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