Service charge debtor still collecting rent!

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    If the leaseholder has not supplied you with an alternative address, you can serve demands at the property address..


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    • Reply to Dilapidated Flat
      by Neelix
      What utter nonsense.

      The new buyer should have had a survey before they purchased.
      04-12-2021, 16:15 PM
    • Dilapidated Flat
      by scot22
      In a block of 24, unfortunately one flat has become dilapidated. The new owner has bought cheaply. She is now demanding the Freeholder pays to refurbish it claiming they have been negligent. Is there a reasonable case ?
      04-12-2021, 11:21 AM
    • Reply to Dilapidated Flat
      by scot22
      Many thanks for the prompt and helpful replies. Mainly, I suspect, due to lack of ventilation and heating there is some damp. She says the Freeholder should have stopped this happening by work to outside wall !? Efforts, including engaging surveyors whose advice has been followed, have been made...
      04-12-2021, 15:51 PM
    • Reply to Dilapidated Flat
      by doobrey
      In what way?...
      04-12-2021, 15:21 PM
    • Reply to Dilapidated Flat
      by Gordon999
      Usually inside the flat, the re-decoration is paid by the leaseholder of the flat.

      In the communal areas , the maintenance work is paid by the service charge account , paid by all flats in the building .
      04-12-2021, 14:48 PM
    • How hard can forfeiture be?
      by pater
      Firstly, hello to all! I’ve been a lurker for a few weeks and am so relieved to find a site that helps landlords/freeholders. I’m fairly new to this experience and get the impression that, by and large, landlords are generally regarded as people that don’t need or deserve any help….although...
      20-11-2020, 15:55 PM
    • Reply to How hard can forfeiture be?
      by pater
      Okay, time for an update, it's a while since something happened....

      Although we kept being assured since April (the deadline given for settlement was 1 April), that there was a 'buyer', none actually materialised, so we pressed on with the forfeiture action. The application review hearing...
      04-12-2021, 14:33 PM
    • Bequest of lease in my will
      by HazeltonLane
      Hi all,

      I am writing my will and want a family member to inherit the lease on my flat (900+ years remaining) so they can live there or sell it as they desire.


      The lease states the following under the section entitled Lessee's obligations:
      18-11-2021, 15:31 PM
    • Reply to Bequest of lease in my will
      by HazeltonLane
      Lawcruncher Fabulous, thank you! I will send this first thing on Monday....
      04-12-2021, 13:17 PM
    • Reply to Dilapidated Flat
      by JK0
      Because service charges are for decorating the insides of everyone's flat?
      04-12-2021, 13:09 PM