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    Licence to Alter

    I'm looking to get a licence to alter to make some renovations to our flat (share of freehold). Is this something that must be done by a solicitor or can a surveyor prepare the license also?
    I have seen many solicitors pages explaining the process and involvement of a surveyor, but also a lot of surveyors offer the service of preparing the licence. Is this possible/legal? I imagine having a surveyor do it could potentially reduce the cost as you're not paying solicitor + surveyor?

    You ask the freeholder if you can alter your flat.
    You give him written descriptions of what you want to do.
    If you want to remove / replace walls, then load bearing walls need proper surveyors that you pay for, to do a report. Even moving baths, boilers, plumbing, needs freeholder authorisation.
    The freeholder, depending on the scope of the work, is entitled to get his own surveyor to apraise the situation ( at your cost )

    A Licence to Alter is just a letter from the freeholder giving permision to proceed, in most cases.


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