Help me understand myold lease doc

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    Help me understand myold lease doc

    I need help with my old lease which I've put here, specifically the below points:

    Are bicycles allowed to park in the outside area of the shared premises?

    Are motorcycles or mopeds allowed to park in the outside area of the shared premises?

    Whose responsibility is the flat doors to change to fire doors? Is it the leaseholder's ? Or the freeholder's?

    Are the leaseholders allowed to replace their windows with different style windows? Or do they need to be like for like? How about the material used?

    1. Bicycles might be allowed to be parked in the shared outside areas of the premises.
    Regulation 12 in the 4th Schedule requires you not to park bicycles in a way that might cause obstruction - which implies that you can 'park' them in communal areas outside of the building if they don't cause any obstruction.
    The same regulation also requires any other regulations regarding 'parking' of bicycles that the lessor may make to be complied with though - which potentially gives them the scope to stop you leaving bicycles in shared areas.

    2. Regulation 12 also applies to "other vehicles" so the same as above applies to motorcycles and moped.

    3. The leaseholder is responsible for ensuring that flat doors comply with fire regulation, and at their own cost. Clause 3 (12), Under 'Tenant's covenants' requires this.

    4. Changing windows might require freeholder's permission as clause 3 (5) prohibits alterations to fixtures. However, Close 4 (1), which describes tenant's maintenance obligations, requires Tennant's to "repair maintain renew" windows (among other things), which probably includes some scope for alteration.


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