Freeholder requesting access for a surveyor to access my leasehold flat

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    Originally posted by AndrewDod View Post
    OP is simply not listening. And smells might well be an issue for the freeholder for example if there are vents between flats (under kitchen cupboards near pipes etc) - which would also present fire issues.

    So please OP
    - Stop arguing
    - Let the freeholder inspect
    - Wait to see what they find
    I do recognise the logic of this approach. However although this is business, it's still difficult to bow down to demands like this. If I could suggest that if you were living above someone and every time on a whim of your neighbour ( who is the freeholder ) complaints such as there is too many bubbles in the outside drain from letting out the bath, I can hear you going up the stairs, the washing machine is noisy, I can smell something so I am sending in my contractor .....I'm not sure you would be as generous. Oh and OP ?


      Originally posted by Anna1985 View Post
      To be honest, I am with your freeholder re smell/ordour of exotic cooking. In experience I was unable to breathe due to the amount of chilli in the air with the smell everywhere. Not sure if there is an extractor fan which could resolve the issue.
      If I knew that's what the smell was, of course I would look at some extra ventilation. However he never responds when I ask what the smell is, he goes straight to I am sending in my contractor....very frustrating


        Why don't you ask? Just say look if it is the smell of cooking - nothing could be done but I could look into extra ventilation or is it anything else.

        But also, leases generally allow extension of the property? So, your FH is most likely asking for the default option.


          I have asked, numerous times. He does not respond. I've even asked he bring in the local Environmental health officer, he will not accept that option. I have owned the lease on this property 31 years. I understand his personality perfectly. Logic and human co-operation do not apply with him. That is why I purely look at consequence should I not accede to his psychosis


            Ah, property way too complicated


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