Insuring leasehold flat in joint names with freeholder?

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    Insuring leasehold flat in joint names with freeholder?


    Apols if this is the wrong place to post this but I urgently need some advice regarding buildings insurance for our leasehold flat which we bought two years ago. Upon completion we were advised by our solicitor to arrange our own buildings insurance and note the interest of the freeholder which we have been doing.

    However the freeholder is now saying that as per the terms of lease, we must insure in joint names with them. I have spoken to various insurance providers to try and sort this issue and they all say the same thing, that a joint policy holder must reside at the property and that all they can do is note their interest.

    I have been in touch with the leasehold advisory service who weren't very helpful and just read back the terms of the lease confirming we must insure in joint names.

    Does anyone have any advice on where I can purchase this type of insurance? Or even if it possible to arrange the buildings insurance in this way at all?

    The breach is a real worry and I need to resolve asap.

    Thanks in advance

    It's really not practical for flat owners to insure their own flats, you need cover for communal areas, roof, foundations , public liability etc.
    You need a commercial flats policy which ideally should be invoked by the freeholder.
    Maybe you can jointly buy the freehold or form an RMC to deal with this .


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      If anyone else knows more about this though in the interim, please shout.

      Many thanks...
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