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    Section 20 notice / repairing obligation

    Our residential long lease does not impose Landlord Repairing Obligations - rather underlease provides procedures enabling any one of convenantees (5 x underlessees - 1 x "Landlord"/Underlessor) may initiate repairing maintenance works and recover 1/5th contributions. Practically, that'seems no problem - up to Section 20 limit of 5 x £250. However, over 5 x £250 how is a Section 20 Notice to be issued ?. Inappropriate for "Landlord" to effectively issue / by implication concede a possible repairing obligation / liability and to lay out and hope to recover cost of works (no funds held by Landlord - no power in lease to require advance payments from underlessees.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Look up S20 procedure. In your situation anyone can initiate? Issue notices. Get 2 or more competitive quotes. At end of 30 days allow another 30 days for other leaseholders to respond or suggest alternatives. Then get the funds in and place the order. If you can't persuade other leaseholders that it’s in their interest to pay up front then you are faced with paying and recovering the funds afterwards. To succeed you must follow S20 to the letter.


      Sell up and find a place with a REAL lease.


        Granger - thank you.

        Yes, but must the Section 20 Notice be issued by the Landlord who does not, according to the the Lease, have a repairing obligation ? - and if Section 20 Notice is issued by the Landlord does the Landlord thereby not concede, at least by implication, a Landlord repairing obligation that does not exist in the Lease ?.


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          Thank you both

          sgclacy, if you are talking about the "deed of surrender and regrant of lease", that is a 10 page document and as far as I am ware, there are no specific issues or complications with it. It's a flat in a 30 year-old small block of flats and there are no odd clauses...
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