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    I had a 40 minutes conversation with a solicitor and I preciously sent him the lease.

    He said that he saw that the restriction is in the favour of the freeholder, and that now I need to find someone more experienced than him to look into this, as I need to look into the Land Registry Guidance for this and to update this.

    i am shocked that they do not know how to deal with this, as solicitors…


      You need to consult a solicitor with working experience in transfer of leasehold flats. Does the restriction require the prospective buyer to apply for membership of the Residents Management Company and pay a fee before the Land Registry can transfer the flat to the buyer ?

      What is the restriction clause in your lease ?

      Can you post the wording of the restriction clause up in this thread.?

      You can get free advice from a legal advisor at LEASE ( ) or from sellers's solicitor.


        I would like to say a big thank you for every piece of advice that made all clear.

        I was advised to get in touch with Mrs Ilori and I did it.

        therefore the 1st flat under the new management ( mine), has been sold with success, thanks to you, guys!

        I spent all my 6 weeks of holiday working hard to make the RTM work, and now it does!

        I would have never, never done it without you!

        thank you hugely!



          Well, even Mrs Ilori got confused at the beginning and had some questions herself for the freeholder.

          all done now! Thank you!


            Ews1 form

            We are a building under 18 meters of hight, not timber.

            I did the survey to get the form, and we paid 2220 pounds on jt without getting it. They could not see the fire breaks that we did have in our building plans, from Belway.

            then, they stated that they need to make sure if what is in the plans, our constructor really put in our building.they asked another 6600 pounds for it.

            i successfully helped selling on flat in our building, convincing the mortgage lender that we do not need it. Indeed we did not, I only done this on people’s expenses in case we really needed it…

            the 2nd flat can t be sold because these new lenders do not necessarily give mortgage money without the form, even though we do not need it, as stated in the valuation of properties.

            what are your thoughts?


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