Can a Leaseholders & Freeholders Solicitor be the same person?

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    Can a Leaseholders & Freeholders Solicitor be the same person?

    Can a Leaseholders & Freeholders Solicitor be the same person?

    Is this not a conflict of interest? The freeholder (or company who owns the freehold) had two directors, one now deceased who is a leaseholders father, the other is still present and the solicitor acts on behalf of the freeholder and the leasehold

    Recently the leaseholder in question had her leasehold extended to 999years because with the same solicitor acting for both her and freeholder. Is this allowed?

    Similarly if the costs for this were minimal due to this connection, would it not be unreasonable to charge other leaseholders any more for the same lease extension?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.



    I presume you are a shareholder?

    There is no particular reason for the freeholder to have a solicitor at all in a straightforward agreed lease extension - all the company officer has to do is "agree". How do you know that the same solicitor charged fees to both parties (which would be odd)?

    Have you asked to extend your own lease, and have they insisted that the company has to employ a solicitor?

    Has it been agreed that all lessees may extend their lease?

    No you cannot be a Director if you are dead.

    PS: Based on your previous posts this is a RTM not RMC, so it is an external freeholder who has to agree to a lease extension I'd imagine. So you need to explain what you are. If you are not in fact a shareholder or owner of the freehold (but are a RTM shareholder), but the person of whom you complain is, then they have the right to decide how much they charge various lessees for services beyond the lease and remit of the RMC and you have no particular say in that.


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