Rights of the Managing company in personal tenant disputes and arguments.

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    Ps to post number 15, as 14 was not posTed when I looked 8 minutes before.

    Don't be silly, you can eat what you like in your own flat and "The grounds"



      Ha, you obviously haven't spent much time in Wales.. There are blocks of flats here that are strictly vegetarian, or for Women only for example. To return to the original point. Can the mangers use this right to add a regulation that makes the whole property governed by a 'safe space' policy, wherein arguments are essentially banned, as like bbq's in your case.. becacuse they are a nuisance. And if so does this policy need to be agreed by all members collectively, or by a majority Director vote only?


        Originally posted by FAQthis View Post

        The exact wording is

        Under 'Rights granted with the property' (The property being the Flat)

        'The right to enjoy the Grounds subject to any regulations imposed by the Managers'

        'Grounds' is not defined for the purpose of the Lease.

        I'd be intersted to know if this taken literally means the Managers have the right to make any regulations about the grounds as they see fit?
        That is a lot clearer.

        If "Grounds" is not defined it has to have its ordinary meaning, that is enclosed open land surrounding a building.

        The Managers have a discretion as to what regulations they make, but I think it is implicit that the regulations have to be reasonable and are connected to the use of the grounds. No rule should significantly cut down the right. A rule not to engage in disputes does not I think have sufficient connectedness to the use of the grounds. A rule not to light barbecues or have parties does.

        I do not see any reason why an existing rule cannot be revoked or amended and new rules added from time to time.

        Who can actually make the decisions has to depend on what the constitution of the company says.


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