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    Joining an RTM

    Does a new leaseholder have a right to join an RTM?
    If so how do they do this?
    There are currently 4 leaseholders, 2 of which are directors and members of the RTM.
    If leaseholders can become members of the RTM can they also become directors? If so how?



    Hi, Go to Companies House and download free copy of the RTMC's articles. Read Part 3, article 26 and copy/paste exact wording of guarantor statement found there. Insert details as directed, sign and submit to the registered office of the Company (also found on CH). It is not as such an application as the right cannot be denied (article 26(6)) if you meet the requirements which are questions of objective fact.

    If you fear being ignored, send signed guarantor statement with covering letter stating you will deem yourself to be a registered member with voting rights within 14 days of submission. Maybe make it 21 days if you feel generous. Then request copy of members register which must be supplied for free. Though not much you can do if denied copy unless willing to a-courting-go.

    See article 22 re.becoming a director. Either the existing directors appoint one, or you stand to be elected via ordinary resolution (simple majority of eligible members). My reading is that there is no need for an actual meeting if the resolution is circulated bu others will snap my heels if wrong.

    In essence, if the two directors don't want thee and there are only four flats in total, even if all four are members, you will be thwarted for now.
    Do not read my offerings, based purely on my research or experience as a lessee, as legal advice. If you need legal advice please see a solicitor.


      Are you talking about becoming a shareholder?
      Who or what owns the freehold?

      If the seller (to you) did not own a part of the freehold (i.e was not a shareholder), they won't have sold you a share. They might also have retained the share (which they might be permitted to do).


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