Turning one bed into 2 bed - permission to move kitchen

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    Turning one bed into 2 bed - permission to move kitchen


    I would be grateful if anyone had any experience of turning a 1 bed terraced conversion flat into a 2 bed, we would be turning the kitchen into the second bedroom and putting the kitchen into the large living room.

    The lease is worded as below:
    1.Not to make any alterations or additions to the exterior of the Premise or any structural alterations or structural additions to the interior of the Premise not to erect any new buildings thereon not in any way to interfere with the outside of the Building not to remove any of the landlords fixtures from the premise.
    2. Not to make any alternations or additions of a non-structural nature to the interior of the Premise without the previous written consent of the Landlord such consent not to be unreasonably withheld

    Originally we wanted to extend into the garden but I understand from point 1 that wont be allowed, however I am not sure if moving the kitchen counts as structural or non stuctural. We were also wanting to change the current small shed in the garden for a larger summer house (subject to planning) as this isnt attached to the house I think it would be allowed by the freeholder as point 1 states no changes that interfere with the outside of the building.

    Any experiences would be great, we will be getting our solicitors to look over the lease in the coming days.

    Does the land registry property title say your property is a leasehold flat or leasehold house ? Does the site plan of your demised property show the garden shed is demised in your lease ?

    For leasehold flats , the "demised area" is the floor area behind the entrance door of the flat. Structural alterations inside the flat would mean removing the internal walls and internal doors.


      If you do not intend to move any walls you may be justified in saying that these alterations are non structural.
      That doesn't necessarily mean that the freeholder can't refuse consent though - it just means that they would have to have a good reason to justify any refusal.


        Thanks both - the shed isn't showing in the lease (its jsut a freestanding small garden shed) but the garden is demised to the flat, there is a large hardstanding at the bottom of the garden and a train line running past it so a larger shed/summer house would serve as both extra space but also a slight sound barrier for the garden.

        All walls would remain exactly as they are we would carpet the room that is currently the kitchen, add units to the living area plus gas and new electrical sockets.

        The freeholder seemed to dance around whether moving the kitchen counted as structural, and as we dont own it yet she wasnt able to give me much information, she said if it changed the layout it would be structural, well you could say as the walls are not moving its not changing the layout so all good, or as the kitchen is going to be in a different location it is a new layout so possible not allowed.

        Flats are a minefield!


          If the garden shed is not the freeholder's property and stands on the garden which is demised with the flat, you should be able to replace with larger shed or summer house without consent.

          Removing the kitchen equipment and putting in bedroom furniture is not structural alteration.


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