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    External wall surveys - S20

    Hi there, sorry if this has been covered before but I was hoping to get peoples view on costs for external wall surveys and whether they are qualifying works under S20? Colleagues of mine think that we need to go through S20 consultation, however I'm of the opinion that, while expensive and invasive, it is still a survey and not works, and therefore not subject to consultation.

    I'm involved in the management of a building where the survey will cost well over the S20 threshold, and its not a situation we have come up against yet.

    I'd be interested in other peoples views on this? I haven't seen any tribunal decisions on the matter. I know the view on surveyors fees is normally that they are professional fees and therefore not QW, but that is generally when they are incurred in connection with works, rather than being the entirety of the cost under consideration.

    I would put it through the consultation as it is more than 250 per leaseholder


      We are going to make an application to dispense under S20ZA out of caution, however I don't personally feel that it should be classed as 'works'. It is an inspection by a qualified individual. If an asbestos survey exceeded the S20 threshold, or a fire risk assessment, you might challenge the cost on grounds of reasonableness, but I don't think that you would be expected to consult (unless it were a long term agreement in which case 'services' are covered). I don't see why an external wall survey is materially different to these other examples.


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