Drainage issue on flat - leaseholder or freeholder responsible ?

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  • mikeyw
    Thanks Guys - do consumer grease traps exist for residential properties ?

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  • Section20z
    Expediancy would say get it done and charge it to service charge, that way you'll only pay 50 % of the cost anyway.

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  • AndrewDod
    As above. And who built the drain arrangement?

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  • jpkeates
    If someone is tipping fat down a sink drain it's going to get blocked somewhere.
    I'm not sure it's better for it to be the foul water pipe to be honest.

    The key is for the tenant not to tip their fat down their sink and if they block it again they'll have to pay for it to be cleared (unless there are other flats who's sinks empty into the same pipe).

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  • Drainage issue on flat - leaseholder or freeholder responsible ?


    Unfortunately i'm the freeholder on a property with 4 flats, 2 of which i own.

    I've noticed one of the flats i don't own is emptying it's sink waste into the rainwater drainpipe which led to a trap getting blocked with grease.

    He needs to get the pipe re-routed to the rear of his flat into the dirty water drainpipe which i've asked him to do but he claims it my responsibility. This problem has been like this for years and before my time.

    What is the best way to proceed here as i'd imagine as always there's a fair cost involved and the blockage he caused has already left my significantly out of pocket due to a tenant moving out because of the foul smell.

    Thanks in advance.

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    by SHill
    Would anyone be able to advise if a RMC can raise sales invoices to Directors, for property expenses that relate to their leasehold properties. The sales invoices raise are itemised in the Notes to the service charges at. 4. Transactions with Directors and 5. Related party transactions
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    A lot has happened since my #62 post.

    1. The Accountant is refusing to accept my instructions requesting him to hand over the Company information and accounts to the new Accountant. He is aware that the Company has massive penalties because of the late filing of the 2018 and 2019 accounts...
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    Having trouble finding a definitive answer to how statutory lease extension is valued with rising rent , my lease has 84 years left at £1020 current ground rent rising on sale of flat by £5/£1000 increase in value.
    ​​​How does this affect cost of extension ? (flat worth £200,000)...
    07-05-2021, 06:42 AM
  • Reply to Lease extension with rising rent
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    Very large ground rents bizarrely are not onerous. - a very large rent stands out during the conveyance, and the parties adjust the price accordingly. If a ground rent on a flat ordinarily worth say £300k with a nominal rent is sold for £10,000 because the ground rent is say £10,000 per annum then...
    26-07-2021, 14:57 PM
  • Reply to Lease extension with rising rent
    by sgclacy
    In fairness, the freehold has every right to reject the notice when errors are made of that magnitude.

    As it is invalid, you can immediately serve another. If it was deemed valid, and you withdrew then you have to wait 12 months...
    26-07-2021, 14:48 PM
  • Reply to Lease extension with rising rent
    by Gordon999
    This report on CMA actions may help if your property developer is a company named in this report.:

    26-07-2021, 14:03 PM
  • Advice on flat sale
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    Guys, hi!

    I represent a RTM Company, I am the Director of it, 11 flats in our block.
    He have some people willing to sell their flat, and I am really “flat” on the legal aspect;

    I need to give them: the Deed of Covenant, the Assignment Pack, I need to lift and re-apply...
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  • Reply to Advice on flat sale
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    I am not a solicitor and do not have drafts for 1, 2 and 3.

    I suggest you speak to the leaseholder 's conveyancing solicitor for advice if these items 1, 2 & 3 are necessary and functions required by the RTM under the terms of your lease.
    26-07-2021, 13:49 PM
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  • Reply to Who can become a director of a RMC?
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    A Company should always comply with its Articles so if regulation 47 of Table A applies, it should still hold AGMs. It needs to amend its Articles if it does not wish to hold AGMs any more....
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