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    Holiday letting

    I have a seaside flat in a block of 12. The leases say that they can not be used “in any way whatsoever other than as a private flat (in another schedule this is extended to be “occupation by only a single family”). However, over quite a few years, some of the flats (about 4 of them) have taken holiday lettings. Does this constitute 'custom and practice', and if so does it overide the requirements of the lease, which seem to prohibit such lettings, although the occupancy would still be by a single family, but not the owners.

    I don't think anything overrides the lease (other than legislation).

    You'd need to quote the exact wording in your lease and the associated schedules, because use as a "private flat" sounds very loose.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      The freeholder or the MA probably aren't aware that some of the flats are in breach of their lease. Also some Seaside councils don't allow Airbnb type properties to operate. Are you thinking of renting yours out?


        As said, i can bet the management company do not know, if they do...... then they may have issues to deny you if you did happen to want to let it out, it would be an interesting conversation on why 4 flats can be let but the other 8 cannot.


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        • Reply to Changing Lease Clause to Permit Letting
          by ram
          • 1) Your possition - and mine, is NOT permitting letting will enhance the properties.
          • 2) Bad tenants DO adversely affect property values - normally.
          • 3) Your lease is not defective, so no need to change. And Judges HAVE gone along with the freeholder keeping the "no letting"
          24-07-2021, 23:42 PM
        • Changing Lease Clause to Permit Letting
          by witsend55
          Not sure if this is the best section to post in, so please move if it is considered best place elsewhere.

          I have had ownership of a flat, one of just four in a converted house, for many years. There is a simple flat management structure; the four owners are directors and have one share...
          24-07-2021, 11:53 AM
        • Reply to Advice on flat sale
          by Ionela Preda
          The free holder only asked me to pass the info about the new buyer, so they know at the end.
          and of course, to add him into the RTM, too.,...
          24-07-2021, 21:41 PM
        • Advice on flat sale
          by Ionela Preda
          Guys, hi!

          I represent a RTM Company, I am the Director of it, 11 flats in our block.
          He have some people willing to sell their flat, and I am really “flat” on the legal aspect;

          I need to give them: the Deed of Covenant, the Assignment Pack, I need to lift and re-apply...
          24-07-2021, 15:54 PM
        • Reply to Advice on flat sale
          by Ionela Preda
          thank you! I read the post and I can’t wait to be Monday, so I can ring them…...
          24-07-2021, 21:37 PM
        • Reply to Advice on flat sale
          by Ionela Preda
          Yes, Homeground is now representing the Free Holder and gave me the authorisation to carry this.
          they normally do all these themselves, but only for a Management Company, not for our RTM one…

          They declined any help, even paid one.

          the LPE 1 form, we have it from the...
          24-07-2021, 21:36 PM
        • Reply to Advice on flat sale
          by Ionela Preda
          Guys, I can’t believe that you take your time to help! Nice people still exist!
          24-07-2021, 21:29 PM
        • Reply to Changing Lease Clause to Permit Letting
          by MdeB
          Earlier posters have covered everything I wanted to write.

          Owner occupiers generally treat a property better than tenants (I have been both and it applied to me too).
          24-07-2021, 21:18 PM
        • Reply to Leaseholder placing table and chairs on freehold land
          by AndrewDod
          Not adverse possession I don't think. Even if the chairs remained there fenced off for a decade, I don't think you can claim AP relating to land you have the right to access anyway.

          I can't see a problem with them sitting there if the lease allows, but should not be leaving the stuff there...
          24-07-2021, 19:43 PM
        • Leaseholder placing table and chairs on freehold land
          by Joubert
          I am a director of a freehold company which comprises six leasehold flats in a converted building.

          The leaseholder of the lower ground flat has taken to placing a small table and two chairs outside her front door for use when the weather is good. They items are not causing any obstruction....
          24-07-2021, 17:06 PM