Are Compton Group managing agents any good?

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    Are Compton Group managing agents any good?

    Hi there,

    My partner and I in the process of becoming a first time LLs. We've had an offer accepted on a promising sounding flat that appears to tick all of the boxes however, having carried out some research into the above agents that are responsible for managing the block, we have discovered some less than favourable reviews. We would be very grateful if anyone could provide their thoughts and experiences with having dealt with this company, and whether there is anything that we should be wary of.

    Any thoughts from those that have (tried to) purchase the freehold of their leasehold property would also be welcome.



    This site doesn't allow discussions of named companies (although you might get some responses as private messages).

    The risk of defamation is too great.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Speak with other Leaseholders, that's the best way to judge if they are any good. If the grounds and communal areas are kept clean. Ensure you get a EWS1 otherwise you may not be able to get a mortgage on it and if that is the case run don't walk away.


        As said above..... the EWS1 form should be your first priority, if there are any issues at all.... walk away.


          Great, thanks very much for the advice.


            They own the leasehold for one of my properties. They diligently collect the £1.15 each year even though it must cost them more than that to send the demand. They are happy to sell it but perhaps that's because it's the only way to make any money from it.


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              • 2) Bad tenants DO adversely affect property values - normally.
              • 3) Your lease is not defective, so no need to change. And Judges HAVE gone along with the freeholder keeping the "no letting"
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              Yes, Homeground is now representing the Free Holder and gave me the authorisation to carry this.
              they normally do all these themselves, but only for a Management Company, not for our RTM one…

              They declined any help, even paid one.

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              Guys, I can’t believe that you take your time to help! Nice people still exist!
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              Earlier posters have covered everything I wanted to write.

              Owner occupiers generally treat a property better than tenants (I have been both and it applied to me too).
              24-07-2021, 21:18 PM
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              Not adverse possession I don't think. Even if the chairs remained there fenced off for a decade, I don't think you can claim AP relating to land you have the right to access anyway.

              I can't see a problem with them sitting there if the lease allows, but should not be leaving the stuff there...
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