Rising damp: freeholder or leaseholder?

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    Rising damp: freeholder or leaseholder?

    I own the leasehold of a ground floor flat in a Victorian period conversion property comprising of 3 flats in total. I have a rising damp issue and unsure if the cost will sit with me or the freeholder. Can anyone help please? I have enclosed a snippet of the quote from the damp proof company and also my lease which is so difficult to understand. I’m also unsure if I’m looking at the right part of the lease....!
    Furthermore I must mention we have no sinking fund and only pay a tiny service charge each year so any freeholder repairs would need to be shared three ways.
    Thanking you in advance!

    You do not own the "Main structure of the building". ( 99.9 % of flat leasehoders dont )
    You only own the interior of your flat up to and including the plaster on walls and ceiling.

    The freeholder is responsible to correct any water coming into the building through the freeholders external brick, pathways, driveways etc, all of which is not your remit to maintain.

    Before you state, "But the others will protest at the cost"
    Well, if only you lived there and it was all your own home, you can let it fall apart, have dangerous electrics etc, etc, but other people in the flats cannot impose on you that you live in a damp ridden flat.

    If only 3 flats and incorrect method of identifying problems before they arrise, suggests you all run the place yourselves.

    It costs what it costs to maintain a building, and all 3 will have to pay an equal share, and while you are at it, make a 5 year plan of maintenence that is required, and then you will know how much service charges are needed every year.


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