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    Originally posted by Section20z View Post
    Love the idea of printing every email and putting them in a filing cabinet and deleting original. Lol.
    I will have to change my footer to "Help kill the planet - please print this email"
    And how do you hand over all documentation to a new company secretary when Co. Sec changes hands in an R.M.C. or R.T.M. company ?
    Give them your computer ?
    Not having my computer or hard disk.
    Will the Directors of an R.M.C or R.T.M. company pay for a dedicated computer only for company business, AND a back up disk as well ?
    Usual answer will be -- no way.

    You have a filing cabinet, sectioned into the various flats, companies house, Solicitors on company only matters, Directors meetings, Directors minutes. directors past and present proposals for maintenence. Letters to Listed buildings control on matters.
    And all double cross referenced to the various flats where applicable.

    You print every email and letter for filing.

    Otherwise when a hand over occurs, what do you do ?
    Well, you have to give them your password, and say - 10 years of emails in there. sort it out yourselves ?
    Dont forget that other directors / Co. Sec will have sent out emails as well for quotes, questions, even replies to a leaseholder who lives next door and asked one on the directors something, which is not that important but don't expect directors to send the Co.Sec EVERY email they wrote ( but they must,) so it can be filed as a record, -- you want those too.

    Saying - here is the computer disk with all the emails on it - sort it out yourself. Or is on an ISP server, go collate them yourself ! AND you do not store email on the ISP server. You automatically download them on to your email program on your computer.
    No having to acces the isp email program, just open email on computer, click receive new mail, and in they come.
    You can set it up to delete emails from the ISP and then just stored on your computer. No one but you can access them.

    Just food for thought

    Anyway - must get some work dont.


      You raise valid points ram with regards to changeover of the company leadership.

      With regards to emails; emails are always stored in your mailbox, either indefinitely (if you use the now commonplace IMAP protocol or the email provider's webmail to read your emails) or until you download them (if you use the POP protocol to read your emails). Either way, there is a period of time in which the server administrators of/for the email provider (or a hacker) also can get access to your emails, along with the email logs of the messages sent and received. It is for this reason that the email provider is a "data processor" for you and it is necessary for a "data processing agreement" to be contractually signed with the email provider to do their bit to keep your data private, under GDPR.

      I understand that ram has setup their emails in such a way (by the sounds of things using POP), so that they are trying to mitigate these issues. I therefore just wanted to explain the above in detail for the benefit of other readers, because everyone has different situations and circumstances to consider.


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      • RMC who decides annual budget
        by scot22
        Is the budget a board of directors decision or MUST it be ratified by shareholders at the A.G.M ?

        If so would it be an ordinary resolution or special requiring 75% to be ratified ?
        02-08-2021, 10:55 AM
      • Reply to RMC who decides annual budget
        by ram
        I may have shares in B.T. so can I object to their spending of £ millions on below ? which are not needed, as there are plenty of other firms doing it ?


        I feel it
        03-08-2021, 15:42 PM
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      • Removing a director
        by LaraJara21
        Hi all.

        The residents management company is currently being run by a director who is very uncooperative. After 2 years of asking for a meeting, asking for copies of accounts, the insurance policy, just anythings in relation to the limited company, he refuses and continues to be very difficult....
        03-08-2021, 14:21 PM
      • Reply to Removing a director
        by eagle2
        You can arrange a meeting of members but you must include on the agenda that you intend to remove the director. You must give special notice to the director that he is subject to the vote and you must allow him to make a statement at the meeting, Make sure that you have the minimum number of directors...
        03-08-2021, 15:05 PM
      • Reply to Can directors put taking legal advice through the service charge?
        by Starlane
        I think as RAM was saying Eagle2 , I don't think a member would be liable for the costs and I have put forward that It is important to bear in mind that the award of costs is always at the discretion of the court.

        I stated " including but not limited to making an application for an...
        03-08-2021, 13:41 PM
      • Can directors put taking legal advice through the service charge?
        by Starlane
        Hello, I hope your week is going well! I firstly want to thank some of the contributors in this site as you have been very helpful with sharing your experiences and knowledge.

        So the situation is..I have sent the landlord company and its directors a preliminary notice.I also tried to...
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      • Reply to RMC who decides annual budget
        by eagle2
        The agent should never be allowed the freedom to set the budget, it should recommend expenditure but it should never be the one to set it. Otherwise, a substantial part of the expenditure is likely to end up in the hands of that agent and its connected contractors,

        The agent should always...
        03-08-2021, 11:25 AM
      • Reply to RMC who decides annual budget
        by MrSoffit
        As already said, company directors are responsible to manage. If the directors do not table a resolution invited members to vote on a budget (and they would be fools to do so), the members must use a special resolution to force the directors to a different outcome. Unless the articles of the RMC say...
        03-08-2021, 11:07 AM
      • Section 20 notice / repairing obligation
        by Grah8m
        Our residential long lease does not impose Landlord Repairing Obligations - rather underlease provides procedures enabling any one of convenantees (5 x underlessees - 1 x "Landlord"/Underlessor) may initiate repairing maintenance works and...
        01-08-2021, 13:59 PM