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    I have no access to my flat

    Hi everyone,

    I own one of four flats in a building in London. My tenant has been sent to prison with the only key for the communal entrance and the prison will not release any of his belongings. The now ex tenant surrendered his tenancy so I now have the right to access my flat but, because I have no key, I have no way to access my flat.

    I have tried to contact the freeholder/management company multiple times and they have not responded. I have also tried contacting them on previous occasions over the last few years and they have never got back to me.

    I have tried ringing the other flats but there was no response and I live 3 hours away so I can't keep going back at different times to try again.

    I have searched the land registry to find out the other landlords details. Two of the other flats are apparently owned by the freeholder and I have just written a letter to the other landlord.

    Can anyone think of any solutions to this problem because I am pretty lost right now and have no way to access my flat. God knows what condition it is in when I do get access.

    Thanks in advance

    You might try identifying from either the electoral roll or a site like 192.com which also for the payment of a fee for credits on the site provides the same info if the tenants are registered, If successful then a request to the occupants of the other units could be made explaining the situation and offering to reimburse for the cost of providing a replacement key, you might need to show a redacted part of the original AST to certify that you are indeed the legal owner.


      I think the only answer here is a locksmith. The freeholders are unlikely to have a key to the flat and neither will the other leaseholder.

      If you also need a key to the street door that is a bit different. However, I think there has to come a point where you are entitled to change that lock too as it cannot be right that you are kept indefinitely out of your property. I would though suggest that before changing that lock you inform the landlord/agent of an intention to do so.


        Reading the post again I believe it is the Common Entrance door key which is the missing link and not the key of the flat .


          Next time make sure you have spare keys yourself so you never get into this situation again. Key copies don't cost that much.

          I would write/email the freeholder/management again to remind them of your problem and that if they do not reply within x days/weeks then you will get the lock changed and have new keys given to all flat occupiers and your apportioned cost deducted from the next service charge bill. It is crazy to think no one replies to requests such as yours, completely unacceptable. They get paid for a service they clearly are not providing.


            If you know any of the other leaseholders, may be you can get a key cut from their copy. If you go via the management co. they may charge you £25-£30 for 1 key.... if they respond


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