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    Section20 Notice

    Hi, I am a leaseholder who has owned my flat for more than 30 years.
    About 5 years ago my freeholder sold the three other flats in the building. My new freeholder bought the flats along with my freehold and converted these three flats into one maisonette. She lived there for five years and sold on to another person last December 2020.
    I recently heard from the new freeholder in January 2021 stating she bought the building and asking me for buildings insurance. She also stated she had a surveyors report that the building needed repairing - which included the damp in my property.
    The freeholder came to my property to look at the damp and said she was not selling the property. In the meantime I saw buyers looking at her maisonette. It was confirmed by the agent that they were buyers.
    Since then I have received a section 20 notice from her.
    Can she sell the property with a section 20 notice on it?

    I have serious damp in my property and emergency repairs are needed now as my electrics and wooden floors would be damaged so I need do this work immediately.

    Advice please.

    Thanks Beatrice.

    S20 notices can occur at any time. It is entirely up to negotiation between seller and buyer as to how the property is to be priced given pending works. There is no issue of not being able to sell a property which has "a S20 notice on it"


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