Joint Freeholder Delaying/Refusing Consent For Non Structural Internal Works

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    Joint Freeholder Delaying/Refusing Consent For Non Structural Internal Works


    I was hoping someone could offer advice on the following;

    I live in a Victorian house conversion owning ground floor and share the freehold jointly with upstairs flat. I would like to undertake non structural internal rearrangement of kitchen/bathroom and have notified upstairs 6 months ago of intention before submitting licence to alter 2 months ago along with a letter from a surveyor confirming the works are non structural. The upstairs freeholders requested that we pay for their solicitor and a full surveyor their flat (we have refused to pay for their suggested solicitor as he is double the cost of other quotes obtained plus he has a conflict of interest as he acted them for previously against me in a dispute, we have offered to pay up to £750 for solicitors fees in line with costs we have found and are not willing to pay for full survey as paid for the letter from surveyor confirming non structural)

    The lease states that consent cannot be unreasonably withheld or delayed, in that case can work go ahead if I advise the intention to go ahead on a certain date unless they wish to accept offer of the reasonable solicitors cost being covered?

    May be useful to know that the previous owners of my flat had the intention to undergone the works we are doing when they built the extension but chose a different kitchen/bathroom set up, the upstairs owners had agreed to this 10 years ago as have found the planning permission approval documents with their names on.

    Please quote in full the alterations clause in the lease.

    Has the neighbour put anything in writing? If so, what does it say?


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