Do i need freeholder permission to put a shed on my demised patio ?

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    Do i need freeholder permission to put a shed on my demised patio ?

    As it says, I want to put a timber apex shed on my patio.
    I thnk I don't need permission, but looking for advice.

    i see it as similar to putting table and chairs out there with one of those gazebos over the top of them,
    A tent like trapezium roof with no sides - sides available but not fitted.
    I would not be told to take that down on my own land ( demised ) as it's a temporary stucture.

    Likewaise a timber shed is also a temporary stucture, and not encroaching on the garden.
    The shed would be close to the building and unless someone hangs out of their upstairs window, would not be able to see it.

    But the only info I can find, is it's permitted development, but that only applies to freehold houses, and I think I will have to get freeholder permission and planing permision, which I don't want to do and I know the freeholder directors will refuse if i ask permission ( no need to tell me to mediate )
    Longest part of shed runs along rear wall of house. will take up one third of patio.
    6 foot wide at door end and 10 foot long

    Any thoughts if i can just stick a shed up, out of the way, view, and no harm to any one.


    If your property is a leasehold house, then after 2 years from purchase date, you make a compulsory purchase of the freehold title .


      What does the lease say about alterations and additions? Please quote the relevant clause(s).


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