Moving electricity- who should pay?

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    Moving electricity- who should pay?

    Advice wanted- who should pay to move the electricity supply (plus one flat’s meter) out of freeholders basement into communal hallway ? Freeholder wants to split costs 4 ways between him and 3 leaseholders . Converted Victorian building- Freeholder owns the ground floor shop with basement and flat that he rents out. 1st 2nd and 3rd floor are 3 flats each rented out by their 3 leaseholders of which I am one.
    Electricity enters property via freeholders basement then splits into 4 sub mains for the 4 flats. Freeholder has suddenly decided to move the main electricity supply out of his basement into a communal hallway. He will disconnect existing supply in his basement and get a new supply in from the street into the communal hallway. And also get all the meters moved to hallway.

    My electricity meter is inside my flat ( So I’m not overly keen to move it to communal hallway) but it appears at least one of the other flats still has their meter in the freeholders basement. ( leaseholder in question isn’t bothered as it’s a smart meter so doesn't cause his tenants any problems though I’m rather surprised his meter wasn’t moved when he purchased the flat) It seems corners were cut when the building was converted to flats back in the 1990s.

    Anyway the freeholder is going to move this flats meter out of his basement into communal hallway at the same time as new supply. And wants my meter moved from my flat into communal hallway so they are all together.

    Freeholder claims this work is urgent as current electricity set up is unsafe and we all need to pay a quarter each for this new set up. So far he’s informed us the cost will be very expensive - still waiting on quote- so says he’ll take out a loan so we can pay in instalments (plus interest to pay !)

    All 3 of us flat leaseholders are happy with how things currently are . As for the freeholders claims that its unsafe we all had our individual EICRs signed off including him ( apart from 1 flat which needs new cabling from the basement up to his flat)
    freeholder says electricity supply and meters should have been split properly by previous freeholder back in 1990s so we all need to share this cost to put it right.
    But one could argue that As he bought the freehold knowing of the electrical set up in his basement shouldn’t he take on the responsibility of putting it right?
    Any advice greatly appreciated on 1) if these changes really need to be made and 2) who should pay?

    If the freeholder wants to move the incoming supply and meters then surely they should pay all the costs?

    Maybe wait until the freeholder gets all the prices in before you agree to anything - because it sounds like they want you to pay for something he will benefit from.


      A cheaper alternatively may be to change the meters for smart meters that way they don't need access (apart from an EICR inspections) to take meter readings.


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