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    Evidence of leasehold interest?

    I have just completed on the purchase of a long Leasehold flat.

    Separately I am apply for a Court order restoration of the Limited Company that own the freehold which was dissolved on 15 th June 2015 so the application needs to be sent by server to the Court before 15th June 2021. This part is straight forward.

    Normally I would send a copy of the Land Registry entry with my name on it but Land Registry are taking 6 months to register. This begs the question how does one prove one "has an interest in land" (to qualify as a valid applicant to restore ) without waiting for Land Registry to update the register - is a TR1 signed and dated sufficient along with a copy of the contract as proof of ownership?

    Many thanks

    In theory, the only proof of title to registered land is the register at HM Land Registry. At best, a TR1 is only evidence of entitlement to be registered and there is no guarantee that the application to register is in order. Unfortunately, what you cannot get away from is the fact that the register does not show you as owner. All you can do is send the TR1, though an accompanying letter from your conveyancer confirming that an application to register has been made should not go amiss. You can of course ask the court what you should do.


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