Lack of lighting in communal areas

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    Lack of lighting in communal areas

    Hi all,

    Who is responsible if the lack of lighting in the communal area results in injury to the occupiers of the flats?

    The lights for the two main blocks are controlled by two photocells that can be adjusted, but at 2100 hrs tonight the internal communal lights had still not come on.

    The managing agent was instructed to carry out the work well over 18 months ago and it remains a problem. He was instructed to fit manual switches, on a time delay, on each level.

    Whilst this lighting issue has not been resolved other lights have been fitted in an outside archway that come on in the day time.

    Your lease should state who is responsible for the lighting. The agent is simply that, an agent, who acts on behalf of somebody else. Whether or not there may be a claim against the agent will depend on the terms of the agreement with that agent. You may wish to enquire what insurance cover is provided to deal with claims for injury to occupiers.


      A serious problem -- and the underlying issue is that not too many freeholders go to prison for what they do.

      In the meantime get some battery powered motion lights for £5 each and stick to walls


        The managing agent should instruct an electrician to replace the old photocells by new ones.


          Thanks for the replies.

          The managing agent instructs the adjustment of the photocells, however, the current directors are ignorant to the issue now as it can't be impacting on them.

          Further to the communal lighting not coming on early enough is the fact that the managing agent identified that the stair treads are worn and refurbishment should be considered.

          This was back in July 2019 when he also identified that tread number 5 is loose and requires tightening, remarking that it is a minor repair to be carried out as part of other works whilst a contactor is on site. The contractor was listed as the managing agent who is charging £380 per month for a caretaker to attend.

          I would suggest the managing is disregarding any H&S issues.


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