Management company refusing to provide second car parking permit

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    Management company refusing to provide second car parking permit


    I let out a freehold property where there is a car parking space in a car parking area that is managed by an agent (Name Removed). They have recently taken over from another agent, Name Removed. I've just spoken to them on the phone and the gentleman was not particularly helpful with my request for an additional permit. He said that he couldn't issue me one as the "lease states you are only allowed one permit". I've checked the covenants and there is no mention of this anywhere. Does anyone have any advice on where I stand with this?


    Is the car parking area a free for all, first come first served. and if so how many flats are there and how many parking spaces are there ?

    are the parking spaces "demised" to you, and if so you probably only have one space to call your own and no one else can park in same question, many flats are there and how many parking spaces are there ?


      tunatuna please don't post identifying details or names, they have little bearing on the question or the replies, and can lead to legal issues.
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        I'm not sure how you think posters on here can help you with this specific situation.

        If you have a case where someone say "per X" and then you read through X and it doesn't say that. Go back to them and say I've gone through it and don't see where it says that and ask them to point out where in the lease it says what they say.

        On the other hand, what makes you think you can have 2 spaces? Are there others that have 2? If so, what did they do to get two?
        I am not a lawyer, nor am I licensed to provide any regulated advice. None of my posts should be treated as legal or financial advice.

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          Rule 1. Ask questions like this in writing so the other party is duty bound to respond in writing

          Rule 2. When they don't tell you why, ask them in writing where it says that you can't have 2 permits - then await a response ....


            Hi thanks for the prompt responses. The space is demised to me. There is a designated space for each house on the estate. The second permit is requested for the same space - so that the tenants don't need to keep swapping permits between themselves which is not convenient. I have emailed them but not sure this counts as in writing so would I be better writing to them via letter? The previous managing agent had no issue with issuing a second permit.


              So you are looking for an access token of some sort which allows different cars to park in just one space. Unless the lease says the demised space can only be used by one car with a pre-agreed registration, I cannot see how you can be denied the right to enter.

              I doubt the lease mentions the word entry-permit.


                My reaction would be. ( send a letter )
                1. If someone legaly lives / resides in your flat, they are entitled to use the demised parking space.( FACT )
                2. If there are 3 people leagaly living / residing in your flat, they are entitled to use the demised parking space.( FACT )
                3. Yes there is only one parking space, but the residents are leagally allowed to park ONE car in that space.
                4. YOU ( James ) give all residents of your flat permision to use your demised parking space ( naturaly only one car can park there at any one time.)
                5. ALL RESIDENTS of your flat CAN, and WILL use your demised parking space, and you ( managing agent ) have no authority to deny a resident the ability to park one car in the demised parking space.
                6. You (managing agent ) have no right to tell me WHO can use my parking space, as outined above
                7. You ( the Managing agent ) will issue parking passes for all cars belonging to the current legal, residents.
                8. Failure to do so, will enable me to consider taking court action against you AND the freeholder ( you act for the freeholder - by the way ) for depriving residents of my flat, their legal RIGHT to park their car in MY demised parking space
                9. your apology and issuance of the required parking passes are required with 7 days



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