Fences around boundary.

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    Fences around boundary.

    Hello I'm looking for some advice.
    I bought a massonette back in 2014. I pay a landlord £15 a year ground rent. Although the landlord is traceable any contact is made though a management company. When I first moved in there were picket fences all around my back garden around but not on my boundry with a communal path. The fences were either overgrown inside a hedge or have become in a state of disrepair and broken down. I have contacted the management company to ask if I can replace the fences and remove the overgrown hedge. They responded by stating they would have to get the landlords permission. I recieved a email from the management company stating I would need a formal licence to alter and would be charged £690. In my lease it states I am responsible for the maintenance of the fences. How can they charge me so much? Should I just renew the fences without consent. Is this just a money grab?
    cheers for any advice

    Originally posted by mark1977 View Post
    picket fences all around my back garden around but not on my boundry with a communal path.
    If the fences are not within your demised boundary, they are not you remit to maintain.
    But, if your lease states you have to maintain them, then you have to maintain them.

    Tell your Man. Co. that you, the leaseholder are responsible to maintain the fences, ( send them a copy of the page that says so )

    Also state, for a leaseholder to maintain that which he is responsible for maintaining does not need the landlords permission or agents permission to maintain them and if they are beyond their as i say, sell by date, you are duty bound to repair replace, paint, clean, remove excess garden overgrowth etc. as you wsish, and as required.

    Add also, that you are replacing like for like, in the same possition, and the only thing the landlord should be saying is, yes go ahead under that criteria.

    Note, if you want to change the bath, the kitchen units, you DO need landlord approval, but it's not always asked for.
    provided things are just a straight replacement, items in the identical possitions, the landlord cannot complain.
    Remember, when the lease was first sold, the flat included the bath, toilet, fullly furnished kitchen ( less cooke/fridge/freezer, ) and these belong to the freeholder / Landlord, and you are rentng all of these ( flats let for rent in excess of 21 years, must be in the form of a Lease.)

    Let members know the outcome of your letter. if you must send email, back it up with a letter identical to the email.


      In other words ( to above ) no licence to alter is needed.
      if the answer comes back that you are right, your lease states you are the person to maintain the fences, and no licence to alter is needed, then send them a bill for £ 690 for legal consultation required in connection with the agents misreprentation, and their legal incompetance, resulting in you having to obtail legal guidence on their behalf, in which they have 14 days to pay.

      i can send you a bill if you wish.


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