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    Shared communal areas...advice please

    Hi all
    wondering if you can help. My neighbours have basically started using the communal areas as an extension to their flat (we are both freeholders), I've casually mentioned a few times but now I think I need to send a slightly stronger note as it's really frustrating (there is a chair, a bike, and just various other things all in the hallway) how do I say it's not acceptable without damaging relations? They generally are nice people and think they just don't realise it's an inconvenience, and am I being unreasonable to request this?

    Any advice would be so welcome. Thanks!

    I would just point out that the hallway is your fire escape route and ask have you done anything to upset them ?


      If you have peaceful enjoyment of your flat - i would not say anything.

      Don't get carried away its only the communal part - so long as the objects are not blocking access.


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