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    If the lease is 1908 there is a high chance there is no need to serve notice of assignment. If a fee is provided for it it will not be £125.


      Your mortgage company should not pay anything on your behalf without contacting you first and seeking your views. If you advise it that you dispute the charges, it is unlikely to pay anything. I recommend that you advise the landlord or its agent that you will apply to the FTT if the unreasonable charges are not withdrawn. If you carry out a search of previous decisions, you will probably find that the landlord has been found to have raised unreasonable charges in the past.


        I have now seen the lease.

        It has a clause requiring notice of assignment but no provision for a fee to be paid for registering the notice.

        There is no requirement to serve notice of a mortgage.

        There is no requirement to pay any charges if the rent is paid late.

        There is nothing else in the lease which can justify any of the charges set out in post 1.


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