Grenfell Tower certificate: what is this?

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    Grenfell Tower certificate: what is this?


    I am seeing on the market several properties which are cash buy only because they do not have the Fire Safety certificate.

    Can I ask what are the implications of this?

    How much it costs to get that certificate? What happens if you cannot get it? Do all leaseholders in the block of flats need to agree to get that certificate?

    I do not want to get someone else's baggage with this certificate.


    It will be the EWS1 form which when completed.... and noted as passed, means that the cladding etc on the flat is safe and will not be the cause of you (or your tenants) burning do death.

    I would stay well away unless you like danger sports, you have the very real danger of having a large amount of cash taken from you. The current situation is that the leaseholders of the various flats are on the hook for god knows how much to fix a problem they had zero to do with, and in the meantime they are paying eye watering amounts of cash for fire wardens, extra insurance etc in their service invoices...... until it is sorted out (god knows when) i would not touch them with a barge pole.

    Oh, and there is a huge waiting list for EWS1 examinations as there are very few qualified people who can complete them...... walk away.... now.
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