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    Rmc wanting owner details

    Hi , another question ...we have a managing agent , is it ok for our directors to have details of owners emails phone numbers addresses ? Would the directors be able to use these as individuals or only as a board ? Would it best for rmc to set up a company email to contact owners rather than use their own personal emails ? Why would directors want to use owners emails when they employ a managing company ? Does a director have to give their email to owners ?

    Thank you again

    The RMC has obligations to keep a list of its members and address and their contact details because the company has to report the names of its members to Companies House. If the RMC has access to the list kept by the managing agent, then its not necessary for RMC to keep a separate list of members and contact details.


      It is good practice for the leaseholders and the directors to be able to communicate with each other. That can be achieved in different ways eg newsletters, emails, telephone conversations etc. It is more usual for the directors to have one email address which all of them can access but there is nothing wrong in supplying their individual email addresses. One obvious reason for being able to communicate directly with the directors is if you have comments to make regarding the managing agent.


        Eagke2 , thank you for your reply. Yes i was thinking a company email would be better to keep a record of contact and info in one place . And so differing responses didnt go out


          Gordon ,thank you again.


            They communicate with leaseholders/shareholders using their address for service. That is usually a postal address. If you don't given an alternative address for service they use the flat address itself. It causes big problems for you if you miss important mail.

            You can give the email address additionally if you like. That way when you go on holiday and water starts flooding from your flat you might not end up with a £50,000 service charge bill/insurance claim/legal action.

            The Directors/company are entitled to everything the employed agent has. They are one and the same.


              The RMC will have a registered office, usually the same address as the agent, to receive important documents, The directors should make the lines of communication clear so that maintenance issues are reported directly to the agent,


                If the RMC has owner details they should register with the ICO for GDPR reasons. It is not expensive, £35 pa.


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