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  • eagle2
    It is normal practice for an offer to be made subject to contract and then all the paperwork is sent to your solicitor. As you state, you can consider documents at the HMLR if you wish. The basic information such as term of the lease, current ground rent and service charges should be contained within the estate agent's particulars. You are also entitled to know whether or not you are entitled to let the property before making an offer.

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  • Gordon999
    Just tell the estate agent , you cannot make any valuation on the property without the information.

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  • jp13abk
    started a topic Viewing Lease before buying

    Viewing Lease before buying

    Good afternoon,

    Firstly, thank you for all the information that has been shared on this website. It has been of great help.

    I'm looking at several flats for my first property purchase and I have asked the estate agencies to please send me the lease.

    I'd like to read through them, as there are several key aspects that I need to understand before going ahead with a purchase, such as:
    • How many years has the leasehold got before expiry? (I know this can be found on the Title Register in
    • What is the stipulated ground rent?
    • Is the ground rent set to increase every certain amount of time? If so, how much by?
    • Can the property be rented out by the lessee?
    • What is the agreement for repairs and maintenance of any common installations?
    • Any additional covenants?
    However, I'm finding that most estate agencies are unwilling to share the lease. They claim that it will be sent to the solicitor once an offer has been placed and accepted.

    Is this the norm? Will I have to place an offer based on what I know and then pay a solicitor to go through the nitty gritty of the lease?

    I'm worried that once the lease has been shared and reviewed by both the solicitor and me, if there's something that I dislike, I would have to pay the solicitor for their service and end up back at square one. Hence why I want to do the initial checks on the lease myself.

    Can someone share their experience?

    Many thanks,

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