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    Long Leasehold - Crossover Lease



    If you buy a leasehold flat, who is responsible for "energy efficiency" - the Freeholder or Lessee?

    When you come to sell on that flat, you get an EPC - obviously a rating of B would be more attractive than a D - but who legally maintains the loft insulation thickness, the heating method etc?


    I am looking at a property with a Crossover Lease - something I'd never heard of but is pretty common around Tyneside apparently (and the Lease type often shares that locality name in it)

    There are 2 flats - the top floor flat owns the freehold to the ground floor flat and the ground floor flat owns the freehold to the top flat - and each has a 9999 year lease on the other (so top floor is given a long lease by ground floor and vice-versa).

    There isn't any management company and the two flats are expected to share in maintenance costs for the upkeep of the buildings structure - how easy is it to actually get two parties who may not get along (or just one of them not having any money) to jointly get works done?

    Alarm bells tell me to stay well clear BUT this arrangement appears to be quite common - and mortgage companies are aware of the setup and would lend if needed.

    I pass on question (1).

    Question (2) does rather assume that all the other ways in which the leasehold and freehold interests relate to each are trouble free. That is certainly not the case. In the end, it all comes down to whether people are reasonable and willing to pay their way. Tyneside leases are no better or worse than any other arrangement, although they do have the benefit that the owners and no one else is in control.


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    • Reply to Resigning as RTM Director
      by MrT2014
      Thanks for all your replies & input. On the one hand I don't want to resign and cut off my nose to spite my face. But 7+ plus years of trying the carrot/stick approach with the other leasholders hasn't worked. They can't grasp (or choose to ignore) that it will cost many times more to ignore issues...
      24-06-2021, 00:24 AM
    • Resigning as RTM Director
      by MrT2014

      After several years as a Director handling the admin for our small RTM I've had enough chasing the other two flat owners/directors who contribute very little and endlessly footdrag when stuff needs to be done. 90% of my time is spent sending reminder emails and I'm pretty much done...
      20-06-2021, 13:28 PM
    • Underletting clause and "informal arrangements"
      by Hooper
      I have engaged solicitors on this but they have been somewhat lackluster so I am seeking opinion.

      Leaseholders have built on property not demised to them (I am the freeholder). I am currently requiring them to take down the offending structure to avoid action for breach of covenant and...
      23-06-2021, 18:02 PM
    • Reply to Underletting clause and "informal arrangements"
      by Lawcruncher
      £65 is way over the top for registration so anything exceeding it is unreasonable.

      Almost by definition a tenancy cannot be said to be informal. A licence is not covered by the clause.

      What is the offending structure? When was it built? Please quote the alterations clause.
      23-06-2021, 23:25 PM
    • How easy/difficult is it to set up a freehold management service?
      by riva
      I live in a share of freehold (block of 5 flats) and we are currently paying around 6k per flat for management/bills per annum. No concierge but there's a lift. It's an external management company that we outsource to. Thing is, I feel that they were coming up with rather expensive quotes and so I've...
      17-06-2021, 09:09 AM
    • Reply to How easy/difficult is it to set up a freehold management service?
      by ram
      Sounds lke you only have 2 Directors, is this correct.

      If the block ( 5 flats ) is contracting out the management of the block, And you will be contracting out to a managing Agent , not a company then there must ba a management company with all 5 leaseholdrs having shares in that company,
      23-06-2021, 22:03 PM
    • Reply to Underletting clause and "informal arrangements"
      by ram
      You are the freeholder, the leaseholder of the flat HAS to abide by the lease.

      Assuming the flat is sub-let ( let, and rent being paid )
      Either the sub-tenants are paying rent to an agent or the landlord of the flat. If to the agents, the agent has the flat owners address.
      23-06-2021, 21:47 PM
    • Reply to Management Company issues and Service Charge
      by MrSoffit
      That's leasehold. Yes there is an 18 month rule but I'll bet a jam sandwich the agent has a file of letters sent to you contempor (?) at the time. All date stamped and ready for court. If you can pay - pay. Pay under protest in bold type if necessary, but pay. Complain later. It will work out cheap...
      23-06-2021, 21:46 PM
    • Management Company issues and Service Charge
      by Bokun
      A bit of a complicated situation.

      I co own a property. I live at the property and the other owner lives at another address. I just got a bill for unpaid service charges that have built up over 6 years as the service charge went up but the standing order that was set up stayed the same....
      23-06-2021, 21:17 PM
    • Reply to Resigning as RTM Director
      by ram
      Selling my leasehold property ? you ask, because I told MrT2014 to sell up.
      But I take no prisoners, don't care what I say if it's the truth ( of course in legal proceedures, one has to be delicate with ones words )

      I find a lot of people, when advised what to do, are too scared to...
      23-06-2021, 10:27 AM