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    Long Leasehold - Crossover Lease



    If you buy a leasehold flat, who is responsible for "energy efficiency" - the Freeholder or Lessee?

    When you come to sell on that flat, you get an EPC - obviously a rating of B would be more attractive than a D - but who legally maintains the loft insulation thickness, the heating method etc?


    I am looking at a property with a Crossover Lease - something I'd never heard of but is pretty common around Tyneside apparently (and the Lease type often shares that locality name in it)

    There are 2 flats - the top floor flat owns the freehold to the ground floor flat and the ground floor flat owns the freehold to the top flat - and each has a 9999 year lease on the other (so top floor is given a long lease by ground floor and vice-versa).

    There isn't any management company and the two flats are expected to share in maintenance costs for the upkeep of the buildings structure - how easy is it to actually get two parties who may not get along (or just one of them not having any money) to jointly get works done?

    Alarm bells tell me to stay well clear BUT this arrangement appears to be quite common - and mortgage companies are aware of the setup and would lend if needed.

    I pass on question (1).

    Question (2) does rather assume that all the other ways in which the leasehold and freehold interests relate to each are trouble free. That is certainly not the case. In the end, it all comes down to whether people are reasonable and willing to pay their way. Tyneside leases are no better or worse than any other arrangement, although they do have the benefit that the owners and no one else is in control.


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    • Worth buying flat with 15 years remaining?
      by carcarrot94
      Saw a flat in London for around 460k with 15 years remaining on lease.
      Central London, prime area.

      Would this property be unsavable in terms of lease extensions? How come people are wary to buy these?

      What would it cost?...
      20-06-2021, 21:58 PM
    • Reply to Worth buying flat with 15 years remaining?
      by ram
      With 15 years lease remaining, the property is almost valued at nil.

      And no lender will give you a mortgage because the terms of a lease state that when the leased term ends, you give the property back to the freeholder, and you get no money for it.
      A lease is a long term rental in
      20-06-2021, 22:40 PM
    • Reply to Title deeds don't match floor plan
      by carcarrot94
      No it's in a purpose build flat building. One flat has extended out to the top floor staircase area where there was a window....
      20-06-2021, 21:59 PM
    • Title deeds don't match floor plan
      by carcarrot94
      Hi everyone!

      I am a first-time buyer and saw a flat that I was interested in. It has a 999 year old lease. It is on sale through probate as the previous owner died.

      The problem with it is that there seems to be an extra bedroom added by the leaseholder and that is not reflected...
      07-06-2021, 18:22 PM
    • Reply to Title deeds don't match floor plan
      by carcarrot94
      I think around 15 years ago?...
      20-06-2021, 21:59 PM
    • Reply to Resigning as RTM Director
      by ram

      It certainly IS,

      But once no longer a Director or Company Sec, you can shout at them as much as you like.
      They can't sack you, can't force you out, can't make you pay more service charges just because you upset them.
      They won't talk to you or say good morning to you when
      20-06-2021, 21:56 PM
    • Resigning as RTM Director
      by MrT2014

      After several years as a Director handling the admin for our small RTM I've had enough chasing the other two flat owners/directors who contribute very little and endlessly footdrag when stuff needs to be done. 90% of my time is spent sending reminder emails and I'm pretty much done...
      20-06-2021, 13:28 PM
    • Reply to Resigning as RTM Director
      by MrSoffit

      Of course you can just resign. Write a letter to the registered office saying " I resign as a director of X Limited with immediate effect". No need to get bitter and rowdy. Hand back the keys to the company Rolls Royce and any company documents (insurance documents etc) to...
      20-06-2021, 20:54 PM
    • Reply to Resigning as RTM Director
      by ram
      You wont force their hand to do anything.
      They will just do nothing, no maintenence, no legal requirements implemented.( Saves them money )

      Possibility of the company being struck off because the others wont submit accounts to Companies house, ( saves the acountants
      20-06-2021, 20:51 PM
    • Help understanding wording of lease for alterations covenant
      by NotTheLastLeaseholder
      I'm a leaseholder who has been researching all things lease related as to get a better understanding of the terms. I think I'm starting to get there but I am struggling with the phrasing in the covenant concerning alterations.

      Here is my understanding thus far:

      THE DEMISE...
      20-06-2021, 19:50 PM