Freeholder repair delays preventing flat sale

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    Freeholder repair delays preventing flat sale

    I own a leasehold flat in a large converted house in a good area. I have been requesting simple, low cost fixes to the common entrance area for 3 years eg redecoration, fixing broken/missing floor tiles, tidying wires which the freeholder does not complete - no reasons given. When I put my flat on the market for sale last year, numerous viewers commented that they loved the flat but were put off by the poor impressions of maintenance and management of the building. I was advised to remove the flat from market until obvious fixes were complete.

    The fixes requested are low cost (under £300 total)
    I have offered to complete the fixes myself and also provided contractor quotes in an effort to get them done asap - all rejected on the grounds that I am not insured or not 'their' contractors.
    The freeholders have still not provided a date to complete.

    Any ideas how to get the work done asap?
    What comeback might there be if I complete the fixes myself without permission? (resulting in an increase in quality/value so freeholder can't sue for loss?)

    My lease states the communal areas must be kept 'in good order and condition' however the freeholder directly owns most flats in the property so routinely ignores leaseholder requirements.
    My current tenant gave notice in January to move out in May, allowing me 4 months to market my property before loss of rent however I am still waiting for the fixes to be completed so flat is still not on the market. The freeholders' lack of response therefore means I could not take advantage of the tenant's long notice period and instead will need to market the flat when empty, effectively losing me over £1000 per month in lost rent and overheads (I will take it off the market and re-let after 3 months if no interest)

    I assume the legal route to force the freeholders to complete the repairs would be very expensive when the fixes themselves are easy and cheap.
    The 'Disrepair' / surveyor option also seems completely OTT for these largely decorative issues - however the impact of this situation and the ongoing poor management is the potential failure to sell my property at a reasonable price.
    Is compensation possible ?

    Look forward to advice or views

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