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    Light Touch Management Company

    I wanted to ask a question about appointing a management company for a house that is converted into 4 flats.We have recently acquired the right to manage, the reason we did this was to reduce our service charge. 2 of the leaseholders live in the building the others rent out their properties and don't.

    We wanted to find a 'light touch' management company who would carry out the following (taken from

    arranging the insurance for the building;
    levying and collection of service charges, accounting and the provision of statutory and other information;
    compliance with all statutory requirements relating to the management and fabric of the building;

    but we wanted to be in control or in charge of (taken from

    repairs, redecorations and maintenance of the structure of the building and the common parts, including cyclical or seasonal maintenance and the maintenance of plant and facilities, lifts, central heating boilers etc.;
    improvements to the building (where this is included in the lease);
    the day-to-day management of the building.

    We are basically fed up of the extortionate / corrupt charges for services we didn't need and poor quality maintenance we were having to pay for with the existing company. We'd essentially like to be in charge of the looking after the building but have someone support us to do the administrative side of things. Is this possible, does such a managing agent exist?

    Thanks for any help


    Most agents can tailor their service accordingly, setting out exactly what is included within the contract. I own an agency in Manchester and we do just this, so see no reason that an agent in your area couldn't. The only caveat really would be to ensure that all trades used were properly insured and the agent indemnified against mistakes made by the management company or inadequate work.
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      An agent is no more than that, it should act as instructed. It will be interesting to see if you receive any quotes without the usual “perks”.


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