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    Tenant parking rights


    My flat comes with 1 allocated parking space, each flat has a space with their flat number painted on it. I’ve lived here for 2yrs now & one of my neighbours is being a nightmare. Their parking space is next to 1 of 2 disabled parking spaces within the carpark, they’ve always parked over their line to make their space bigger but since they had a baby they’ve decided that they need a much bigger space than every else. My partner parks in the disabled bay next to his space (clearly displaying his blue badge) but has had 2 notes ‘telling him’ not to park close to the neighbours car. He was expecting him to park further over so he could still have a bigger space. It got to the point that I came home one evening & the neighbour had blocked my partner into the disabled space & was blocking me from even parking in mine. I rang his buzzer & they hung up, I held my hand on the buzzer so he sent his partner out who said he can’t move his car till tmrw as he’s been drinking (he hadn’t!). I talked to her & said I don’t want any trouble & we agreed to be mindful of one another. My partner hasn’t visited since so I was hoping it’d all just blow over. But now the neighbour is having work done & he’s been getting the workmen to block me in, when my other neighbours went out I was able to move my car so I could go out, within 5 mins the work van was parked in my allocated space! I’m now full of anxiety that I can’t always get in or out of my space. Bearing in mind I have never ever parked my car anywhere other than my own space so he’s dragging me into his issue with my partner, also the neighbour has no right to park over the line into the disabled space anyway. He’s never spoken to us about it, he’s even walked past us, said nothing & then left a snotty note on my partners car!

    where do I stand with stopping him blocking me in? Even when I ring the buzzer there’s always a reason he or his visitors can’t move their car right away & I have medical appts I have to be able to go to. He’s making me miserable living here & I've never personally done anything to upset him, he’s just an arse. He owns his flat so I have no one to complain to. Can the estate management people do anything? I assume the police wouldn’t be interested. He’s doing this on purpose now just because he’s so entitled.

    The first port of call is the management company and the freeholder, there will be covenants that this bully signed (or placed his X on it anyway), the Police would not be interested on the surface, but if his behavior continues then a call explaining how harassed you are and how you are feeling alarmed at his actions could mean they take an interest. The Police do get involved in disputes of this nature, often to simply stop them getting a lot worse, which they often can do........ prevention and reducing demand is the name of the game in neighbourhood Policing. Good luck


      Unfortunately as you've said your neighbours being an arse because he can. The police won't be interested as this is a civil matter and I don't think you'll get anywhere with the management team either.

      The neighbour recognises your a reasonable person and is relying on this as he doesn't think you'll do anything rash or difficult. I've had a similar situation in the past and found the only solution is to demonstrate you won't always follow the rules.

      If he uses your space block him in, parks too close, ding his car with your door , " if you hadn't parked so close it wouldn't have happened ". If he blocks you in and refuses to move tell him you need to go out and if it isn't moved you'll try to get out and will do your best not to hit his car . Blocks you in and won't answer the bell lean on your horn for 5 minutes

      As you say he's being an arse what have you got to lose ?


        Blocking somebody in IS illegal on private land - this was mainly brought in to stop clamping companies stopping people leaving before they could clamp the car. It is a criminal offence to do this, not a civil matter.


        Take pictures and call 101 and don't put up with the rubbish.

        Do not cause damage to his car, this is very bad advice and will be viewed as criminal damage and will probably also cause an escalation, next time it'll be a brick through your windscreen or similar.


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