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    Lease extension premium calculater

    I am starting the process of extending my lease on my maisonette to 120 years. It has 80 years remaining. I have had the valuation done and the landlord has come back with the cost being £15,000 plus costs. I am wondering how this number was calculated and if there is an official mathematic way that the calculation is made, as I have not been given any breakdown from my landlord of how this cost was reached? Many thanks in advance.

    What is the value of your property and annual ground rent ? Did your lease start at 99 years or 125 years term ?

    Leaseholders have a legal right to seek a statutory 90 years extension at peppercorn ground rent which will give you 80 + 90 years = 170 years lease at Nil Ground rent.

    There is a free guide to "statutory lease extension" and "valuation of cost for statutory lease extension" at . This website has a calculator for cost of statutory lease extension.

    If you ask for a new lease for 120 years which is "non statutory extension" , there are no rules for non-statutory extension and the cost can be "any price plus higher ground rent" is often demanded by freeholder .

    Application for lease extension below 80 years will cost more because the compensation formula will be increased by the marriage value. If you and freeholder cannot agree on the cost , you can apply to the FTT to set the cost of lease extension.

    The Housing Minister on 7 Jan 2021 announced the intention to reform the leasehold system which may include removing the "marriage value". This reform is expected in 2 years time but government intentions may not always happen.


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    • AGM cancelled.
      by Grumio
      Is this legal?

      A bit of background, we currently have three directors, we are allowed to have up to a maximum of eight directors according to the articles of association. We are all leaseholders. Last summer the three directors decided to hire a managing agent who is now in charge of the...
      26-01-2022, 00:46 AM
    • Reply to AGM cancelled.
      by eagle2
      If you can talk to them or have an informal meeting with them and agree how to proceed that may help, but if they will not cooperate at all, your best solution is to follow the s303 route. They must then arrange a meeting otherwise you are entitled to arrange one yourselves.
      26-01-2022, 17:20 PM
    • Enfranchising from a company I'm already a member of.
      by Andrea Cunningham
      The estate I live on has 2 blocks. All the leaseholders are members of the company which owns the freehold and manages the block ("Share of freehold").

      Suppose one of the 2 blocks decides to go it alone - so in other words gain the freehold from a company they are already a member...
      04-10-2021, 12:07 PM
    • Reply to Enfranchising from a company I'm already a member of.
      by Gordon999
      Some managing agents calculate separate maintenance charge for each building ( B1 or B2) plus common charge ( C) for the external communal areas shared by all flats. So a leaseholder would pay service charge for B1 + C or B2 + C depending on which building has the flat. Would this arrangement...
      26-01-2022, 16:15 PM
    • Lease extension triggers doubling ground rent change
      by SouthernDave
      Has anyone had dealing with doubling ground rents?
      i have just asked for a quote for a lease extension and they are proposing new ground rent terms of a doubling ground rent every 25 years. My commercial guy has said some lenders don't like these which may reduce the value of the property of i...
      25-01-2022, 22:53 PM
    • Reply to Lease extension triggers doubling ground rent change
      by Gordon999
      How many years left on your lease ? If you are still above 81 years left on the lease, you could wait until next year to see if the government reforms help to reduce the cost of lease extension .
      26-01-2022, 15:57 PM
    • Reply to AGM cancelled.
      by Grumio
      The articles state they must declare any kind of interest directly or indirectly, problem is it’s kind of hard to deal with people who keep messing everyone around, calling an AGM and then cancelling it for eg. We have called meetings with them in the past and they don’t turn up. How can you deal...
      26-01-2022, 14:35 PM
    • Reply to AGM cancelled.
      by eagle2
      Any meeting which you decide to hold will be an informal meeting only, you do need to follow the correct procedure if you wish to hold a valid meeting,

      The Articles should state whether or not directors need to declare conflicts of interest and whether or not they are entitled to vote on...
      26-01-2022, 13:30 PM
    • Reply to AGM cancelled.
      by Grumio
      It is both a managing agent and a residence Association. But we want to go back to managing the block ourselves.

      Thanks for the reply, yes invitations have been sent to all our members. And I agree, they should not cancel the AGM, especially when they haven’t got a plausible reason to...
      26-01-2022, 12:12 PM
    • Reply to Lease extension triggers doubling ground rent change
      by sgclacy
      Doubling every 25 years is simply a guess as to what inflation may be, if inflation of the current levels ( about 6% ) was to continue the real value of the rent would fall by 77% and doubling would not address the enormous damage done by inflation. However, if inflation was less than 2.81% per annum...
      26-01-2022, 11:57 AM